“He’s [Deke] sexy as hell, gives orgasms out like sweets and he knows how to hang some shelves, he ticks all the important boxes”
~ Under the Covers

Do we really need a blurb? I have a standard structure when I write a review and the first paragraph is always a quick non-spoilery blurb. However, I figure we are on book 7 of the Colorado Mountain series now and this is Kristen Ashley, most people have either; tried and loved her and now read everything she writes (yep, that’s me!) or tried and decided she is not the author for them (I call these people ‘the crazies’). After all Ashley has a certain style of writing that isn’t for everyone, it’s slightly dramatic, definitely unrealistic and far too emotional for a stiff upperlipped Englishwoman like myself, and yet I lap this stuff up.

On to the book itself, I love this series, Ashley’s Colorado Mountain series is my favourite – closely followed by her The ‘Burg – these rugged mountain men sure know how to do some wooing. Deke is no different, once he knows Justice is his woman, she had no chance of withstanding his rough and tumble charm. And why would she want to withstand it? He’s sexy as hell, gives orgasms out like sweets and he knows how to hang some shelves, he ticks all the important boxes.

Bounty pretty much follows the normal schedule of events for an Ashley book, so if you are looking for something different, then keep looking. However, if you are after a sexy, alpha hero and a feisty rock star (yep she’s a rock star!) heroine setting the sheets on fire whilst also having a pretty adorable romance then you need to pick Bounty up. I also loved seeing the characters from the previous books pop in and out of this book, Krystal, the bad-tempered-with-a-heart-of-gold bar owner,  in particular, she never had her own book, so I am glad we go to know her a little better in this one.

Although this isn’t my favourite in the series, Sweet Dreams still holds my number one position (and number one Kristen Ashley book in general) but this was a good addition to the series and as always I can’t wait to see what she brings out next!



Once I had it in, the air of his trailer, the air Deke breathed, I let it out saying, “You know how you told me I was one of the best women you’ve ever met?”

He again didn’t answer immediately, then his deep voice sounded.

“Don’t, Jussy.”

I did.

“You’re one of the best men I’ve ever met.”


“That’s it, Deke. I’m a lucky girl. Blessed. Given so much bounty, it’s almost embarrassing how much God likes me. But He really must like me because I have all I have and He also gave me you.”

“You’re gonna be shutting up now,” Deke declared, I could hear the gruff in his voice, the buried emotion.

That was beautiful too.

I grinned down the hall.

“You’re also gonna be shuttin’ your eyes and goin’ to sleep,” he commanded.

“You and Mr. T might have had a taking-care-of-Justice-meeting-of-the-minds but this is plain bossing me, Deke.”

“Yeah, it is. And you keep talkin’, you’ll be talkin’ to nothin’ ’cause I’ll be putting my earphones in.”

It was my turn to boss.

“You listen to Dad, I want to hear it.”

“You’re talking,” Deke noted.

“No, seriously. I want to hear it.”

“Don’t got one of those speaker things. And sound is shit through the phone.”

“First chance, mall for Deke Hightower. Coffeemaker and speaker dock.”

“You buy me that shit, I’ll tan your hide.”


Deke spanking me.

A quiver slithered down my spine, the small of my back, through the crease of my ass to settle in between my legs.

I rolled to my back and stared at the ceiling, knowing I should shut up.

Even knowing that, I still wasn’t going to let it go.

“You’ll have to catch me first. Though, that might happen as you’ll be caffeinated by decent coffee.”

I rolled back to my side as I heard and felt the movement of Deke making his way down the hall. I watched his big body hit the small space I was in, filling it up. I also watched as his phone illuminated that space and in a couple of seconds, I heard Dad singing.

He set the phone on the built-in nightstand next to his bed.

Then I watched as he bent deep and after that, all I could do was feel.

Feel his hand cupping the back of my head. Feel his lips touch my temple. Feel the rumble in his voice as he whispered in my ear.

“You’re safe here, Jussy. Got me lookin’ after you. Got Twyla outside lookin’ out for both of us. Got your dad watchin’ over you. So stop yammerin’ to keep sleep away. Close your eyes, gypsy, and I swear to God, you’ll be safe in your dreams.”

God, he could also talk sexy, sweet and protective, like a verbal cuddle.


“Okay, Deke,” I whispered back.

I felt his fingers press into my scalp before I again felt his lips brush my temple.

“Night, Jussy. Catch you in the morning.”


One thing I’d learned that day in a way I knew it was for certain.

And it was something that would forever feed my poet’s soul having it in the way I did, which I treasured, and in the way I never would, which I longed for.

That being knowing without a doubt that no matter what…

Deke would catch me.


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  1. Great review. I’m in agreement with you; at this point her books aren’t that surprising, so a steady 3.5 is right where she falls for me. Her books are hit or miss for me. The thing with KA is that she hauls you so far into her character’s heads, that there’s no in between. If you love them, you REALLY love them, and you loathe them, you REALLY loathe them. (That was Rocky, for me.)

    Colorado Mountain is my favorite series of hers. I can’t wait for this one. Great review!

  2. Great review! Like you, my two favorite series of hers is Colorado Mountain and <The Burg, so I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this new release. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever to finally get Deke’s story and I can’t wait to devour it! I simply adore Kristen Ashley’s books and her writing style. She is my go to author whenever I am suffering through a reading slump and am in need of a refresh. My only problem is that we I get done with them, I know I’ll have another wait until the next one.

  3. This sounds like a winner. I need to catch up on this series. I read and loved the first 4 books, but I’m behind now.