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“You can feel the attraction between these two and can’t help but be swept off your feet along with it.”
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I was beyond excited when this book was announced!  I have such a soft spot for this series and I’ve been impatiently waiting to find out what had been going on with our favorite bartender.  I’ve come to really like Zara and was dying to see how she ended up pregnant by a mystery man.

If you are suffering from the reading blues, this book will cure them all.  I had been in a bad slump and this was the book that I literally couldn’t put down that got me out of it.  It’s so highly addictive that I could barely work without grabbing my phone to read just a few more pages every few minutes (and I don’t like reading on my phone!).  I just needed my next fix.  Needed to know what happened.

Zara and Dave had a fling when he was in Vermont on vacation.  Their agreement was simple.  No strings, lots of fun, no contact afterwards.  He was never even allowed to sleep over to avoid emotional entanglements.  When he left and she found out shortly thereafter she was pregnant, finding him became an impossible task.  She also never told anyone who was her daughter’s father.  Until now, two years later, Dave walks back into her life and both their lives are shaken up.

BOUNTIFUL is my favorite story in this series.  Griffin may still be my favorite hero, but this book was perfection.  I already loved Zara’s character before she got pregnant but she’s proven she is a kick ass single mother who has made a better life for herself and her daughter, even facing the fact that she may never find the father of her baby.  But let’s not leave Dave behind.  He may be no Griffin but he’s sexy as hell…and a ginger!  Not to mention a professional hockey player.  He’s such a good, sweet guy but also incredibly sexy and take charge when necessary.  You’ll want a Dave of your own.

Fans of Sarina Bowen will squee in glee like me to see that the hero of this book is actually a player for the Brooklyn Bruisers, Sarina’s other series.  While the characters cross over and we see some cameos from some favorite characters from that series, this is very much a True North novel and you don’t have to read the Brooklyn Bruisers to read this.  Hockey is just his job and this is not a hockey novel.  I was very happy that didn’t take over the feel I’ve come to expect from this series.

While I found this book a little bit less heavy on the emotional aspect than previous books in the series, there’s not one thing that I would’ve changed about this story.  The pacing is great, the chemistry and banter are on point and the smexy is off the charts.  Second chance, small town romance at its best.  You can feel the attraction between these two and can’t help but be swept off your feet along with it.

BOUNTIFUL put a smile on my face and my heart.  I cannot wait for the next installment in this series, because there just has to be more!




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  1. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Sarina. I have got to get on this band wagon. Thanks for the review!