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“There’s plenty to love about this story.  There’s humor, a ton of chemistry, and plenty of banter.”
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I generally read Vi Keeland’s books when they come out and life got in the way of reading this one.  I finally got my hands on it (the audiobook) and I wish I would’ve done it sooner.  Ms. Keeland has done it once again, BOSSMAN is incredibly cute and I had so much fun reading it.  And I may even say this is my favorite book written only by her that I’ve read so far.

Our heroine, Reese, is out on a really bad date and she stands outside the bathroom of the restaurant she’s at leaving a message for her best friend to call her and rescue her.  That’s when she first meets Chase, looking like a male model and calling her on bailing on her date.  From there, I can tell you it won’t take long before you find Chase completely addictive.  His talent for weaving tales and at times telling lies is only one of his many qualities.  He’s vulnerable and direct, and his single minded focus is on getting Reese in his bed.  That is after he hires her at his multi-million dollar company.  Yeah, he’s a billionaire too 😉  But believe me, this is not your cliche billionaire book.

There’s plenty to love about this story.  There’s humor, a ton of chemistry, and plenty of banter.  But there’s also a human element to the story as we find out more of why Chase has the issues he does.

BOSSMAN is a feel good romance in a dirty office romance package.  What could be better than that?  I can’t wait for Ms. Keeland’s next novel.




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  1. Great review Francesca!!! I love her books too,can’t wait to read. I loved this cover from the first review,he’s a sexy dude!!!