“…it wasn’t quite the explosive romance I wanted, but it was nice.”
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Leaving Galene Batur was one of the hardest things Fain Hauk has had to do, and he’s had to do a lot. But, he had no choice, it was either break of their betrothal and his brother lives, or marry Galene and his brother dies. However, he had no idea the consequences of his decision until he sees her again…with the son he never knew even existed. Neither Galene or Fain’s life has been easy in the years since their last disastrous meeting, but The League is attacking and they must put aside old hurts to keep those they love safe and perhaps even rekindle what they left behind, before life got in the way.

I feel like I have been waiting forever for Fain Hauk’s book, ever since he first appeared I have been dying to know what has happened in his past, we have gotten brief glimpses, but it isn’t until now that we see the full tragic story. Of course, this is a Sherrilyn Kenyon book, it’s bound to be tragic and torturous in some way, and yes I do write that with an affectionately exasperated sigh, I’ve said it before and I will repeat, Kenyon has some kind of sadistic streak going through her. I can’t think of one single character of hers that doesn’t have a fucked up past, I swear if she ever has a single character who is well adjusted and hasn’t been either, beaten, tortured, raped, shunned, kidnapped or abused I might die of pure shock.

I was in no danger of dying of shock with Born of Betrayal Fain and Galene ticked off enough on the above list to be a standard Kenyon character. That disappointed me a little bit, mainly because I wanted Fain to stand out in this series in some way sadly he didn’t, like I said he was a standard Kenyon character in a standard Kenyon story, which as much as I enjoy I wanted more for him. However, I obviously like Kenyon’s standard, after all this is book 8 (or 9 depends where you check!) in this series and I am still reading.

Born of Betrayal as you may have guessed from the blurb is a second chance romance, Fain and Galene haven’t seen each other for a long time, but right from the start you can see there are strong feeling still from both sides. Even if those feelings start off as slightly hostile…! I really enjoyed watching them soften towards one another as the truth of their shared past comes out and they both reconnect, it wasn’t quite the explosive romance I wanted, but it was nice. It was also adorable to see Fain trying to get into his long lost sons good books, something Talyn, who you may remember is the hero from the previous book  Born of Defiance, is having none of.

There was also a bit of a revelation in this book about an old enemy, which really shocked me and has me impatient to read the next book to see what will happen next. This is a good book in this series even though I was slightly disappointed with it, mainly because I have been looking forward to Fain’s book for so long and the romance wasn’t as passionate as I imagined it would be. However, I will be reading the next one as soon as I can get my hands on it!



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  1. I hate when I’ve been looking forward to a particular character’s story and it turns out to be a disappointment

  2. Yes, her characters have all suffered from something major (same sigh!) but I always like her books…some more than others

  3. I have been listening to this series on audio book and have come to Born of Betrayal. I am so confused. I have only listened to a few chapters, but Felicia has not been mentioned at all. What is going on? I get upset reading series that are really inconsistent and although I have seen some of that already in this series, this one seems to irk me more than others. Am I missing something? Was there a book in between Born of Defiance and Born of Betrayal?