Check out our review of Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee. A low steam, fade to black, small town contemporary romance with a friends to lovers trope.

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Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee

Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee

A Sweet Mess #3
July 26, 2022

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  • Friends to lovers
  • Small town
  • Childhood crush
  • Fade to black

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When Lizzy Chung, a conflict-averse lawyer on her way to making partner, has a panic attack during a hearing, she knows there’s only one thing to do: take an extended holiday to Weldon, California where she can spend three weeks relaxing in the company of her best friend of twenty years, Jack Park. But when Lizzy gets to Weldon, she discovers new feelings and new dreams when she and Jack spend their days helping renovate the small-town bookshop and their nights becoming more than just friends. But as Lizzy discovers new passions, she must also decide her right path: stay in Weldon to be close to Jack, or return to her lawyer life in LA to appease her mom.

Booked on a Feeling was so much more than a friends-to-lovers romance. Lee gives readers a story about finding love, finding happiness, satisfying others versus living your own life, and the big, scary decision to change careers.

A highlight for me throughout this book was how quickly both Lizzy and Jack realized they had feelings for each other. There was no beating around the bush with these two; they knew they loved their best friend, and I loved the dual POVs so we could really see them both opening up to the possibility of more. Usually, friends-to-lovers romances tend to move at a slower pace, but Lee didn’t hesitate to have these two realize their feelings sooner rather than later.

The chemistry between Jack and Lizzy was definitely strong. Backed by twenty years of friendship, these two were definitely on the same trajectory, moving in sync when it came to life and career changes.

Both Lizzy and Jack were Korean-American, and I loved the dynamics in both of their families; Lee gave us the full spectrum, from overbearing, unsupportive parents to loving, doting parents (who will always make sure you’re fed well every single time you visit). Both of their parents played a big role in the paths they chose, and I was really glad to see both sides represented, rather than just Lizzy’s cynical mother who would only accept Lizzy if she was a successful lawyer.

As big of a role as romance plays in Booked on a Feeling, I loved how Lee handled the crisis-inducing career change. Especially when parental expectations are high, starting over in a new line of work can be extremely daunting. Lizzy definitely felt it, and her fears and uncertainties came through on the page. I thought Lee handled these worries and fears both delicately and head-on, showing readers it’s okay to change course.

I had a hard time putting Booked on a Feeling down. Jayci Lee gave us way more than a fluffy friends-to-lovers romance; this story dives into owning our own path while also dealing with both family and our own self-imposed expectations. This friends-to-lovers romance will be a hit for anyone who’s ever dreamt of changing careers (a love for bookstores will only make this book that much more enjoyable).

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