For fans of your “THE SECRET LIFE OF COWBOYS” series, how would you say A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE is unique but still with your unique style?

I think A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE IS UNIQUE because it is the story of three sisters who run their family’s handyman business. These ladies know how to use power tools…well except for the youngest sister, Grace, she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, she runs the office. 🙂 The hero, Dan Eagan, is an everyday hero…my favorite kind; so many times there are heroes in our everyday lives that get overlooked because they are unassuming and go about their lives not trying to call attention to themselves. But they are heroes just the same.

I think a lot of us love a good small town romance and, a lot of times, the actual town and the people become a very important factor of the book. What can you tell us about Apple Grove?

Apple Grove is a town that has quirky residents that keep tabs on one another, help one another when called to, but otherwise, like to get involved in one another’s lives even if they are a nuisance. 🙂 These people have known one another all of their lives, their heartaches, their triumphs; the good and the bad…and at the end of the day, they remind me of the three Musketeers: One for All and All for One. 🙂

A premise you don’t see often is the heroine that works with her hands. In this case, your heroine Megan has taken over her father’s handyman business. I find that oftentimes this gives the heroines a tougher skin, they are very independent and strong. What made you choose to go that way with the story?

I’ve learned how to work with my hands over the years, and have learned to be handy when I have to. My darling hubby is an amazing man who can fix anything…seriously…anything…I’ve learned how to spackle and sheetrock and mix concrete over the years married to the man who still makes my heart stop; and I thought, why not have heroines who were the handymen? As far as I know it hasn’t been done yet…maybe I just haven’t read any books where the heroines are handymen yet. 🙂

Do you have plans to keep writing about characters of Apple Grove in a series?

Yes. I am doing the read-through for the copyedits on the second book in the series: ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE…it’s the middle sister’s turn: Caitlin and Doc Gannon…wounded while serving in the Navy as a corpsman. They’ve known one another all of their lives, but one day they meet and it’s as if they are meeting one another for the first time. The catalyst is a black fuzzy ball of fur…Jameson…who brings them together. I’m totally in love with my latest hero…but only until I can get back to WELCOME BACK TO APPLE GROVE, the third book in this series…Patrick Garahan is a NYC Firefighter who has moved to Newark, Ohio after a tragedy that he cannot forget. Lots of angst here…can’t wait!

by C.H. Admirand

Welcome to Apple Grove, Ohio (population 597) where everyone has your best interests at heart… Love is in the air and the proof is in the painted proposal on the water tower. Every girl in Apple Grove looks forward to her beau following town tradition by getting on a ladder and making his love for her public.

When Daniel Eagan moves to town, his matchmaking neighbors direct him toward the Mulcahys. But when the petite and winsome Megan arrives on his doorstep in khakis and a tool belt, sparks start flying between the new guy and the hometown girl…

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About the Author

Southern born… Northern bred

I was born in Aiken, South Carolina, but alas, my parents moved back to northern New Jersey where I grew up, which if you’ve met me would explain a lot. I’ve always had my nose in a book, have traveled the world over, and even tested the time-space continuum, thanks to the awesome power of the written word.

My love for the written word is a gift from my parents, but the need to write was instilled by my 7th Grade English teacher. One of my writing quirks is that I love to include bits and pieces of my ancestors and ancestry in all of my books. Check out my fun facts and genealogy page to see which characters are named after family or friends.

Fate, destiny and love at first sight will always play a large part in my stories because they played a major role in my life. When I saw my husband for the first time, I knew he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve loved him forever…well…more than half my life. Each and every hero I write about has a few of Dave’s best qualities, his honesty, his integrity, his compassion for those in need and his killer broad shoulders. I’m such a sucker for a man with broad shoulders.

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    1. Hi Erinf1 – Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I loved spending time in Apple Grove…it’s not quite the same as Pleasure, Texas and the Circle G Ranch, but right now it’s my new temporary home. 🙂

  1. I love books with small towns and quirky residents :).

    The idea of having the three women running the handyman business is interesting, I really haven’t seen that reversal of the traditional roles before, I’m going to have to check this out. Thanks for the interview!

    1. Hi Alica – Thanks 🙂 Quirkier the better…btw some of the characters are based on bits and pieces of quirky people that I’ve met…but I can’t really say who they are. That would be telling 🙂

    1. Hi Emily – Thanks, it was so much fun to write…am ready to dive back into bk 3 of this series in a little while, now that the copyedits for bk 2 have been turned in. 🙂

  2. OMGoodness, Francesca! I had no idea that this was up already. My mind was just a bit crazed–picture me on copyedit overload–sorry that the answers might not make as much sense as they might have had I been deadline free. LOL!

    Thank you for interviewing me 🙂

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