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“These three paranormal queens rocked it!”
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I’m going to be honest here.  These are three of my all time favorite paranormal authors, and in general as well.  So when I saw this anthology was coming out featuring all three of them, I was beyond excited.  I got even more excited when I saw that Gena Showalter was finally… FINALLY giving us Dallas’ story.  If you have read the Alien Huntress series and subsequently the Otherworld Assassin spin off series you’ll know that we’ve been waiting for his HEA for quite some time.  When I say years I’m not even joking.  Excited and a little scared I went into this book with very high expectations and I’m pleased to say that it’s satisfied everything on my list.  These three paranormal queens rocked it!  So let’s jump in with each story.


Immortals After Dark # 1

What is this you say?  This is not a new story!  Well, my initial feeling as well.  Both Larissa and Gena gave us new stories in this anthology and the IAD offering is an UPDATED version of where the series started.  I will say this.  I have terrible memory and I read this story originally many moons ago.  I couldn’t tell you if and what the original/edited content is on this story, so to be fair I’ll leave it at that.  If you have better memory than me, please enlighten me in the comments! 😉

But I’ll admit that I was disappointed that this wasn’t new.  I’m all for bonus content but I don’t usually like to re-read stories that have been “updated” and I feel like this book could’ve been overall stronger had this been different in this case.


MoonBound Clan Vampires # 2.5

The MoonBound Clan Vampires series is one that started off a bit shaky for me.  I really enjoy the idea of this series because even though we are dealing with vampires, this reads a lot to me like a shifter book.  It’s in the involvement between the members of each Clan, the rules, the plots.  And I love that about it!  While the first book was kind of ok for me, the second book was really enjoyable and this novella followed along that second installment.  It features a member of the Clan that was kicked out a long time ago because of his ability as a skinwalker and the fact that he can impersonate people and in particular other vampires.  The law dictated he should either be killed for that offense or kicked out.  And he’s been an outsider ever since, but never straying too far from Clan territory.  I found Lobo endearing and the story and connection with his mate was adorable and just got to me.  This wasn’t a very long story but it packed all it needed to in it and I hope that if it’s your first taste of Larissa Ione that you’ll go pick up the rest of her books.  Yes all of them!

DARK SWAN by Gena Showalter

Otherworld Assassin # 2.5

Yes!  The heavens opened up and answered my prayers.  Dallas, in my hands, my greedy greedy hands.  Full disclaimer here that I think the males of this series are so sexy and so alpha and so delicious that you won’t be able to not fall for them!  But back to Dallas.  Whenever there’s a story I anticipate this much it’s a very exciting moment to start reading it but also it’s nerve wrecking.  The expectations that I’ve built up are through the roof, and quite frankly I have to wonder if the author can deliver.  My nerves were even bigger because this is a novella.  A NOVELLA!  I thought for sure Dallas needed a full length book in order to be the HEA I wanted for him.  He’s just so special.  So I was scared to read it but also couldn’t wait.  Let’s just say that… I should’ve just trust Ms. Showalter.  DARK SWAN is definitely not what I expected but it’s the story worth of Dallas and it does him justice.  I was quite happy with the heroine (another big fear of mine) and I found I connected with her from the beginning.  And I really loved how who she is brings a chapter in the overall plot to a close.  Dallas is his usual cocky self and thank God for that.  The man is hot, he knows it and he also knows how to use it.  I admit there was a lot of quote highlighting with this one, in part because of Dallas, but in part because this book features a bit of Devyn.  Now if you read my review of SEDUCE THE DARKNESS you’ll know I am head over hills for this cocky otherworlder and it was delightful to see him in this story as he is Dallas’ BFF.  Their dynamic is awesome and brought many smiles to my face.

While DARK SWAN gave me everything I was waiting for so long, it’s also reignited my love for this series and I hope we get to see a lot more from it soon!

Favorite Quotes:

“I can think of three things you need right now off the top of my head,” he said.
“Well.  Let’s hear them.”
“A spanking, a hug, and a good hard fuck.”

Lady Wicked wants her man.

“Every word and every action is a seed.  One day something will grow from it.  Whether good or bad.  Just depends on the kind of seed I planted.”




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    1. You should be good. You’ll just know who main couple for book 2 is because it’s his Clan so he’s involved in this story as is his mate. But you should be ok to read this and then go back 🙂

      And I hope you enjoy reading Dallas’ story!

  1. Oh yay! I wanted Dallas’ story, too. I was a little bummed that Kresley’s story was not new. I guess it’s good that the content is updated by I can’t remember the original story so it probably wouldn’t matter.

    But glad it was over all good.

    1. If you haven’t read the Alien Huntress series you must! Just push through the first (wasn’t the best in the series) but know they each get better and better. The last 3 in that series are in my top book boyfriends’ list… and of course Dallas lol