Review: Blind Fall by Amanda Milo

Review: Blind Fall by Amanda Milo
Blind Fall
Book Info

Released: November 6th 2018
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Stolen by an Alien #5

“…this was a really sweet read and I highly recommend it.”
~ Under the Covers

Being kidnapped by aliens and then sold on the slave market isn’t fun for anyone. But it’s especially hellish if you are blind as Sanna has discovered, the only bright spot is that she still has her guide dog Kota. Luckily she is bought from the auction block by Breslin, who may be huge and clearly alien but he is willing to help her get home. However, until she can get a ride back to Earth she and Kota are going to his alien ranch. As Sanna spends more time with Breslin, it becomes harder and harder to imagine her life without him. But to stay with him she would have to give up on ever going back home.

You all know by now how much I love my sci fi romance, it’s a staple of my reading diet. However, with my love of the genre comes the hazard of some truly…unique covers, which is the case with Blind Fall. But don’t let that put you off. This book is adorable. Any book with a pet in it is, in my opinion, automatically cuter than usual. This is especially true with the ever loving and faithful Kota, Sanna’s guide dog.

But it isn’t just the furry companion that makes this book adorable, I loved the romance in this one. Breslin was truly a gentle giant. Although he was immediately wildly attracted to Sanna, he didn’t put any pressure on her and never pushed for more than friendship. This meant the romance between them was more of a slow burn. Luckily Sanna felt the same attraction and made the first move.

As for the blindness on the heroines part, this was an interesting aspect of the book. I liked that the heroine didn’t suddenly get ‘cured’ by some advanced alien technology. And one of the things I loved most about Breslin is how he enabled and encouraged Sanna to do things. Something Sanna embraced wholeheartedly. He made adjustments for her blindness but didn’t treat her like her lack of sight rendered her incapable.

Don’t let the cover put you off, this was a really sweet read and I highly recommend it. It’s also good if you want a standalone, as although it is part of the Stolen by an Alien series’ universe it only connects loosely with the other books.


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