“Out of all the heroes so far, I think [Hawk] has the gentlest heart, so it makes sense that his book follows that pattern.”
~ Under the Covers

BEYOND ECSTASY is Hawk and Jeni’s books. Hawk is much like the others in the way that he is a fighter who has joined the O’Kanes. In this book, we venture out a little bit and explore the sector which he’s from. There we’ll meet his mother and learn about who Hawk is. All this is important because when Hawk proposes to collar Jeni, she turns him away because they don’t really know each other well. So in an effort to start building that connection, Hawk shows Jeni exactly who he is.

I liked Jeni. While I thought she was just going to be another dancer, another Trix, she turned out to be a little more unique. I loved the fact that she turned Hawk away in the beginning because now the sex they will have will mean something. That being said, this book feels a lot more emotional than the others. It also feels a little tamer to me. Although we have these badass men, Hawk seems very … nice, for lack of a better word. He’s very considerate, and is always looking out for Jeni. Out of all the heroes so far, I think he has the gentlest heart, so it makes sense that his book follows that pattern.

Again, we see a lot more from the other characters in the series. War is brewing, and we’re getting to see the O’Kanes work as a team more. We also get to see more of the other sectors, but to be honest, they don’t really differ much from one another too much. I think I liked learning more about the people who live in those sectors more as opposed to sectors themselves.

If you enjoyed the previous books in the series, then you’ll enjoy this one. I am, however, hoping that something more occurs in the next book. I feel like we’ve been anticipating war for too long now. The next book is the last book in the series so something needs to happen soon!




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