ARC Review: Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert

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ARC Review: Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert
Better Not Pout
Book Info

Released: November 12 2018
Genre: LGBT
Pages: 288

“…a sweet story, with a pretty snowy setting and some holiday cheer…”
~ Under the Covers

Nick is a soon to be retiring Sergeant Major living a solitary life when his CO asks for a favor of playing Santa for a local charity event. He can’t very well say no.  The elf working with him is much younger than him, full of life and happiness and all too tempting.  I should mention the age difference.  Nick is 46 and Teddy is 28.

BETTER NOT POUT is actually quite a simple story so I don’t want to give more than that away.  This is kind of a fling to lovers (is that the name for it?) where the typical broody, I’m not good enough for you has to come around and be swayed by the lively and happy one.  Teddy (the happy and younger one) is a joy and such a good guy.  I really liked his character.  He has a big heart and wants to help everyone in his town and his family.  At the same time he wants to help Nick come out of under that dark cloud he’s been living.

But then we have Nick.  I really have to say he’s my least favorite thing about the story.  Not because he starts off as a Grinch because I love me a jerk or grumpy hero.  But to me he just felt really flat.  While I got a really well rounded sense for who Teddy was, Nick was a void.  I think that reflects in the fact that I just didn’t see much of what Teddy saw in Nick in order for me to care too much about them as a couple.

All that being said though, this was still a quick and cute holiday read.  You may feel different about the characters, as I know I’m in the minority, and it’s a low-angst, sweet holiday book with an adorable small town and a great feeling of family.


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