“…it’s definitely going to be a series I continue reading when I am in the mood for some sexy alien action!”
~ Under the Covers

Beth has always been sensitive to the emotions of others, it’s why she lives a fairly isolated life. Living in crowded towns and cities can be overwhelming. But, it is a lonely existence. But, when she first sees Dragar, a scarred alien male she feels an almost instant connection. Despite his large size and his scars and the fact that he isn’t from planet Earth, she feels safe with him. So, when he takes him with her and away from Earth she is eager to go. But, Beth soon discovers that Dragar’s scars are more than just skin deep and he needs her, as much she needs him.

I adore a battle scarred hero. It’s all very well having a sexy as hell, unblemished guy, but my tastes run more to the rugged. Which made Dragar perfect. I was already intrigued by him after his appearance in the first book of the series Anna and the Alien, so this book just furthered the obsession. I really liked how his gruff appearance belied someone who could be extremely gentle and caring.

But, this wasn’t all sweet. Honey Phillips has written an erotic sci fi romance, so expect some red hot sexy times between Beth and Dragar. This book actually contained more sex scenes then I would normally like in a story, however, Phillips does them really well. So, if you are after a sexier sci fi read, you should definitely give this book, indeed this series, a try.

This book also introduced some new characters I can’t wait to learn more about. Firstly there was the icy cold Outcast Kievan, who helped Beth and Dragar…for a price. I can’t wait to get beneath his steely exterior and learn more about him. There was also the female gladiator (getting a mind blank on her name!) who helped Beth. There aren’t enough alien heroines so I really hope that Phillips breaks the trend and gives her a book in this series.

I enjoyed this book, it’s definitely going to be a series I continue reading when I am in the mood for some sexy alien action!

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  1. Read the first book in this series and loved it. Just finished second book and I agree that there were more sex scenes than I normally like but I still really enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading and looking forward to whatever this author writes next. ?