Check out our review of Benjar by Honey Phillips it’s the sci fi alien romance to read if you are in the mood for a cute forced proximity romance.

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by Honey Phillips

Seven Brides for Seven Alien Brothers #2
Released: September 01, 2022
133 Pages | ebook

Available in Kindle Unlimited

read this book if you’re in the mood for
  • An adorable pink hero…with a mane
  • A romance where the characters get snowed in
  • Something short and sweet

Benjar and his band of brothers have followed their commander to a backwater planet to find peace. They spent the last decade fighting a futile war. They now want time to heal from their wounds, both physically and emotionally.

Benjar is the youngest of the brothers and full of energy and mischief. But he’s getting restless and lonely. That is, until he is inspired by a story from his new sister in law about soldiers returning from war and kidnapping brides. He is a soldier returning from war…why not kidnap his bride, just like in the story?


This was another lovely novella in the Seven Brides for Seven Alien Brothers series. The series in a unique blend of sci-fi alien romance and historical western romance. So you have the sexy aliens to drool over…but also the charm of shirtless wood chopping and looking sexy in chaps.

The kidnapping plan Benjar conjures up is…insane. And even a little sinister when you think about it. But somehow Benjar is so guileless and a little naïve that I happily went along with it. Even Ruby, our heroine and kidnap victim went along with it after a few minutes of justifiable anger and fear. Benjar is just so…charming. And sexy.

It was lovely to see these two vivacious and young characters come together. Not only was it sexy, but they were both such lovely characters, I just wanted them to be happy. This is a short read that has a lovely holiday vibe – probably the whole stranded-in-a-cabin-in-a-snow-storm thing – that was a quick and easy read to to snuggle down with.

in conclusion

If you want something, short, sweet and sexy to read, you can’t go round with Benjar. Especially if you like a snowed in, forced proximity story.

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