“…although I enjoyed BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, it didn’t pack the wow factor I was anticipating.”
~ Under the Covers

Frankly, as soon as this came across my radar I knew I wanted to read it.  It’s human nature to be always curious about what really happens behind closed doors especially of seemingly perfect couples.  No one is perfect and I couldn’t wait to dig in through the skeletons in their closet.  I think all the prior praise for this book might’ve skewed my expectations, but I have to admit that although I enjoyed BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, it didn’t pack the wow factor I was anticipating.

All that being said, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read with a dash of suspense that kept me reading because I wanted to know how it would all end.  I can’t deny that BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is definitely a page turner.  It was engaging and compelling.  But I wanted more pulse-pounding thrills than this book provided in the end.

Since I don’t want to give anything away this part of my review might be hard to explain, so let’s just say that you will quickly figure out the plot.  Maybe this was given away too early.  It’s not really kept a secret that you need to figure out throughout the book and that loses some of the spark of this genre and why I find myself lacking that suspense I was looking for in this read.  The only thing you are left wondering is the outcome.  Good thing the pacing is great, because while it lacked in that element of suspense, it still kept me on the edge of my seat as I read it, hoping and praying the outcome would be as I wanted.  I can say that I very much enjoyed how the author ended this and I even had a small little evil laugh to myself after that last word.

However, here’s a big warning for you.  Suspend your belief system.  Several things in this book are just too hard to swallow that they would happen as they did.  There were some things that kept annoying me and since I don’t want to post a spoiler I’ll just say they have to do with the fact that logic and reality were left at the door and I wanted to scream at the characters actions.  There were options and possibilities!  You obviously start out hating the one character who is psychotic and you want the other to win in the end, but then you start wondering if there’s any strength to that other person to make it through.  There’s such a quick change from strong to weak willed with no resources.  I found myself getting frustrated with the lack of action from this character, and in the end I was really just rooting for Millie.

Even though this wasn’t what I went in expecting, I pushed aside the thoughts of “this can’t happen” or “no one will think that” and I managed to still feel drawn in and engaged while reading this book.  I finished it in pretty much one sitting.   So momentarily suspend your belief and jump in.  Once you start you won’t be able to look away.  Could it have been better?  Absolutely.  But I still found it entertaining.




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