“I found this story was lacking something to get me interested in the characters and I was never invested in the outcome.”
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I have wanted to read this series since the first time I saw the cover for book 1.  The cover art is truly beautiful!  But I forgot to go back to read the first so I picked up this second one instead (another cover that I loved!) I tend to love stories centered around tattoo artists and I was expecting a bit of that, mixed in with a “good” girl needing to loosen up a bit.  Sadly, as much as I wanted to really like this story, I just couldn’t connect with it.

The first thing I was a bit thrown off by is the mesh of tropes thrown in here!  The hero is a law school dropout turned tattoo artist (apparently a really good one) plus he’s the drummer of a up and coming (on the verge of massive success) band.  I wish there would’ve been less there to deal with.  Otherwise, I really liked Jackson’s character.  Well, that is until we figure out why their relationship failed in the past.  This is after all a second chance story and I couldn’t help but get a bit pissy about the reasons why he couldn’t stick around and make their relationship work.  Honestly, I just lost some respect for him.

Jami, our heroine, is now practicing law and letting her family dictate how she lives her life.  Always has.  Her true passion is something she barely even considers for herself.  I wanted more from her character.  There were a lot of things that could’ve made the story more emotional and deeper in her backstory and issues.  They’re only touched on superficially and I think that may have been a missed opportunity on getting more meat from the story.  She seemed a bit naive and one dimensional.

In the end, I found this story was lacking something to get me interested in the characters and I was never invested in the outcome.  It’s not a bad story, it was just okay and not much about it stood out to me.  I wanted the emotions to run deeper and in the end I didn’t get that out of this book.




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