We’ve talked about this before and now another author is getting new covers.  What do we think about this latest cover makeover?????  These are from our Author of the Month, Megan Hart.

OLD                                                                           NEW
OLD                                                                           NEW
OLD                                                                           NEW

TIME TO VOTE!! And don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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  1. I totally agree with Aly. Why is everyone doing this? I love skin on my covers. I haven’t read 50 shades and it’s like everyone is following their footsteps with the covers. NOOOOOO!

  2. I do like how the new covers match, though I think the third one needs to have a black background not gray. However, I voted for the old covers. To me the old covers tell a bit of a story in and of themselves. The new covers don’t.

  3. I do like the old covers, but I think I like the new ones a little better, they just look, as Leagh said, elegant & sexy. I do like that if my young nieces or nephews happened to see the cover on my bookshelf or table, etc that it would not be inappropriate (although I keep these more explicit books where they will not see, can not reach, etc.

  4. I know Harlequin changed the covers to benefit from 50 Shades but since I was never embarrassed by my book covers I prefer the old ones. I understand that other people may need to be discreet so I hope this helps them to discover Megan Hart!

  5. I think the new covers are generic, forgettable and clichéd. I find it a pity that cover artists are squeezed into the “Twilight-cover-box” and all books reissued be it Wuthering Height or Megan Hart’s novels get these similar covers.

  6. Dirty, the new is better. Tempted, the old is much better. The other one, didnt care for either cover really. The flower one would put me off. It looks like a dark dramatic story. The other at least hints at romance.

  7. I love the old covers. I agree with VanillaOrchids who said that the old covers tell a bit of the story. I don’t understand this new way of taking the sexiness out of the covers to just add pictures of things that has nothing to do with the story. If I had to choose to read these books based on the new covers I would never pick them up. Thankfully I have already read them all being that I am a huge Megan Hart fan.

    I read the first book in the 50 shades series and I have definitely read better(just mentioned because so many established erotic romance/fiction authors or publishers are adopting similar covers) from Ms. Hart and others such as Sylvia Day, Emma Holly, etc…

    I don’t mind in the least if someone sees the cover of my book and it is more like the old cover instead of the new, because I am not ashamed in the least to let anyone know that I love to read erotica amongst other genres.

    The new covers make me feel like I am trying to hide something.

  8. I get that the new covers make the books more marketable in the main stream, but I prefer the old covers, I mean come on the old cover for tempted is freaking HOT, They did tell a little about the story and are titillating enough to entice. Had I not known Megan Hart’s work already I’m not sure those covers would draw me in, shallow as it may sound I am judging a book by a cover, if the cover sucks me in I’m more likely to press the 1-click setting purchase button and send that spicy read right to my Kindle.

  9. I prefer the old covers – they at least resemble a little bit about what the book is about – while the new covers are mainstream they are so mainstream that someone who doesn’t like that kind of book might pick it up by accident. No one is getting served by this.