“I’m 15 books in and I continue to love this series”
~ Under the Covers

Another day on the Ice Planet, another crisis, another romance and of course another load of horned blue alien goodness. This time with the quiet Warrek, a character we haven’t seen much of, and one of the newcomers the very chatty Summer. We have a bit of action in this book as the twosome have work together to rescue some of their people from slavers that arrive at the suddenly very popular Ice Planet.

I’m 15 books in and I continue to love this series. Although each book is similar, I can’t help but be drawn in by the warm familiarity of the vast cast of characters that populate this series, each book is like checking in with your friends and making sure all is well. So, although the romance never surprises me, I can’t help but enjoy the hot sex scenes, the light hearted humour and warmth that suffuse these books.

I also can’t wait to see what happens next, we have just uncovered another stash of humans and even more interestingly some alien males…I look forward to seeing what Dixon will do with them all.  spacer


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