“These books have gone from funny and outrageous to ridiculous and trying-too-hard.”
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Molly Gilmore knew helping her sister out by pretending to be pregnant, to cover Charlotte’s pregnancy would be a huge mistake. Especially when she ends up roping in the guy she has been crushing on for two years and the only progress she has made is sneakily taking a whiff of him. She knows Marcus is bound to right screaming once he encounters her certifiably insane family, especially when they think he has knocked her up and yet…he seems to fit right in, Molly can’t help thinking, should she be scared or relieved?

So, we come to the end of the Chocoholic series with Baking and Babies, I’ve been reading Sivec, especially this series and Chocolate Lovers since 2012 when Seduction and Snacks was first published. And, what I have noticed since then, is that my ratings on her books are slowly decreasing, I adored Seduction and Snacks and it got five very well deserved stars, it was fresh and funny with some outrageous characters ready for you to love. Now I am reviewing Baking and Babies and giving it two point five stars as, after three years I feel like this Sivec has squeezed all the goodness out of this formula and now all we are left with are a few dregs. These books have gone from funny and outrageous to ridiculous and trying-too-hard.

But Baking and Babies did make me laugh, no matter what Sivec always seem to be able to coax a giggle out of me with the antics of Molly, Marcus and crew. This book did feature all the characters you know and love from the previous books in this series and the Chocolate Lovers as we say a final goodbye to them. It seemed though the book was crowded with so many familiar faces that it obscured the romance. Molly and Marcus were nice together, but I don’t really feel like I saw enough of them.

This book was okay, it entertained me, but I felt more relief than sadness once I had finished it. spacer



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