Back in the irresistible world of Donovan Family series with Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl. Join Jamie Donovan, the brewery’s charming bartender with a kilt and a heart of gold, as he navigates family drama and unexpected romance with Olivia Bishop, a smart divorced woman with a stalker ex. Get ready for steamy scenes, family conflict, and plenty of laughs in this scorching sequel!

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Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl

Donovan Family #2
July 1, 2012

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  • Divorced bookish heroine
  • Student/teacher
  • Bartender hero

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There aren’t many things sexier than a hot young man, with blondish hair, a wicked grin, a sexy mouth, a beer at the ready…. and a kilt! Jamie Donovan is sex on a stick, or as I said before, sex on a kilt with construction boots. He is the bad boy, the black sheep of the family, the “irresponsible” Donovan brother, who works at the brewery as the bartender and public face of the brewery, flirts with anything female, and has a reputation for sleeping around (and being damn good at it!)

But there’s a whole other side to him and it was so sweet to see that he is actually looking for recognition, looking to belong and feel comfortable. He loves his family and wants to prove to them that he is not the fuck-up they see him as. But he has a hard time of proving this to his brother! They had a lot of family conflict in this book, which at times was almost too much to read and maybe one of the reasons why this wasn’t a 5 star read for me.

Now onto the romance. I’m sooooo happy I was confused and wrong about who was Jamie’s HEA. I actually thought he would end up with Monica (from book 1) and I really couldn’t see how that would work out, being that she had betrayed his family. But I’m happy to report it’s not her! We meet Olivia Bishop when she first goes into the brewery with her book club friends and they are all drooling over Jamie, especially when he bends over with his kilt *sigh* where was I? Oh yeah! So she’s divorced, her ex is totally crazy and stalkerish in a way, and she hasn’t been able to get back in the dating game.

So when Jamie ends up as her student on one of her college classes about restaurant development and has a proposition for her, she can’t refuse. She will help him with his plans for the Brewery and she will get some no strings attached fun!

And let me tell you, Jamie knows how to show a girl a good time! He can melt the panties off ANY girl! I have one complaint though… after all the drooling we get to do over his kilt, the one time they have sex with him wearing it, it’s a “fade to black” moment. I feel cheated!!!! LOL

This book was scorching hot, yes more than book one. A LOT of family drama, the investigation into the brewery break-in continues. Jamie has a lot to prove to himself, to his family and to Olivia. But he definitely got to my heart!!!

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