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Mary Abshire

Hello, Maidens! Today we have author Mary Abshire here today with us! She is the author of the fun Soul Catchers series! Without further ado, take it away, Mary!

Jeremy Ward, demon and hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks, agreed to sit with me for a chat today.

Jeremy, where have you been? I’ve missed you.

Yeah, well, thanks. It’s nice to feel wanted. After I left Jessie and her bloodsucker boyfriend, I came home to Chicago. I hung out at a few bars, got laid several times, then hockey season started. Been on the road until we lost in the playoffs. I’m just chilling right now.

So, you haven’t heard from Jessie at all?

Not a fucking word. You’d think after everything we’ve been through together she could at least call me and let me know she’s all right. I taught her how to fight and what real power can feel like. I was even willing to give up everything for her. What thanks do I get? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

Does this mean it’s over between you two?

Fuck, I don’t know. She’s the woman of my dreams. If she showed up today, I couldn’t turn away from her. I love her. Every time I think about her beautiful body, long, dark hair, and those gorgeous blue-eyes, my dick gets hard. Jessie should be with me. That fucking vampire, Drake, has her fooled. I’d burn his ass and send him straight to hell if I could.

Calm down, Jeremy.

Yeah, yeah. Nothing I can do right now. Deep down in my heart, I think she will come back one day. She thinks that vampire lover of hers can take care of her and please her. I laugh. I can give her more love and pleasure than any dead man can. She knows it, but she refuses to believe it. She’ll come back. Just wait and see.

Why don’t you go after her if you love her so much?

Because she has to realize she belongs with me. I won’t force her. I want her to come to me, and she will. I don’t have any doubt about it. Drake can’t give her what I can.

And what can you give her?

Laughter, love, children, and a normal life like she’s always wanted. Power, strength, and plenty of orgasms like she’s never experienced. Demon sex is way more intense. She’s missing out.

Jeremy, I don’t picture you as the kind of man to settle down and have kids.

Ha, ha, ha. That’s because there’s only one woman who can tame me, and that’s my half-demon, Jessie. For her, I’d want little demons running around and calling me daddy. I’d spoil them rotten. Then I’d fuck Jessie all night long and produce more kids. Life would be happy.

Sounds like you plan to have more than one.

She’d make a good mom.

Changing the subject. What’s next for you since Jessie is currently out of the picture?

I thought about paying a visit to her roommate, Dani. The blonde had a decent body. But if I fucked her, Jessie would be pissed at me. Training for hockey season will start soon, so I’ll be busy and back on the road. It’s probably best if I keep a low profile for a while. When Jessie’s ready to come around, she knows where to find me.

You haven’t spoken or heard from Jessie, but what about with Mary Abshire, the author of the Soul Catcher series?

I bumped into Mary a couple of times at clubs here in Chicago. She said she’s doing well, and hadn’t heard from Jessie either. Of course, I asked. Mary’s busy with her job and writing. I wish she’d write more about me. She said she would if I could persuade her with the right offer. Maybe if I bring her to my place one night I can talk her into it.

I won’t keep you, Jeremy. Thanks for the quick interview.

My pleasure.

If you’re curious to read about Jeremy, I encourage you to check out Mary’s Soul Catcher novels. It’s a paranormal/urban fantasy romance series. There are 4 books and they are:

Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching an Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All Evil

Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author

Mary has graciously donated winner’s choice of any book from her Soul Catchers series in digital format. 
There are four books in the series:
Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching an Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All Evil 
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  1. I have not read this series before but the interview with Jeremy made me realize I need to. What a total Alpha. Can’t wait to read these books. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Well now you did it! I have to read Claiming the Evil Dead and the rest of the series to find out what Jessie is thinking, passing on Jeremy. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. That was a nice character introduction. Jeremy sounds very focused on Jessie. I like that kind of attitude in a man. (-;

    Thanks for the post and for the giveaway opportunity.

  4. Hello Mary,

    Mmmmm a Demon Hockey Player & Ohhh soooo Alpha Male; you have me hooked now Mary, I just HAVE to read more about Jeremy Ward,
    & your four book Soul Catchers Series.
    LQQks like I’m gonna be picking up:
    Claiming the Evil Dead
    Catching an Evil Tail
    Fighting Evil
    Love Conquers All Evil
    I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas & thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
    Take Care,
    Renee’ S.
    [email protected]