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Even though it’s a big early, we have the lovely Laura Wright back with us at UTC and she’s brought Lucian as promised last time she stopped by!!  Lucian’s book, Eternal Captive, releases February 7.  And you have to mark down your calendars for that one!

5 Hours after the Veracou Ceremony for Alexander/Sara and Nicholas/Kate…

The Lucian Roman Shopping List

I enter the mall with a sneer.

Humans running around after their balas brats, pairs arguing about which store to enter first, males clutching their females purses.
Can’t leave.
Want to.
But can’t.
Thing is, I need shit. I’m setting up camp somewhere. Outside, under the trees, away from all things with two legs. Dammit, just that thought brings two of the hottest pairs of stems known to vampire kind into my addled brain. I should’ve had Alex drain all memories of that veana out of me. Bronwyn. She’s about to mate some unlucky bastard with an obvious penchant for crazy females.
And I’m getting the hell out of town.
Alex and Nicky say I’m running away from home, but they can kiss my albino ass. Both of those two fang fucks are neck deep in the love right now, and I’m chalking up their bullshit comment to brain damage and night and day screwing like rabbits.

So, I’m going into the woods.

I don’t know how long, but until this thing clears up. Could takes weeks, months..

I made a list of the shit I need.

1. Frette Sheets.

*I‘m no pussy, and I don’t sleep all that much – but if I’m stuck in the wilderness and want to lie down, I’m doing it on 600 thread count.

2. Paper Towels.

Can never have too many of these. Yeah, I know. Trees. BITE ME.

3. Full Tang Ninja Sword.

Light, Black, and perfect for small predators.

4. Massage Chair!

Okay, I just came upon this in the front of some store. This thing is HOT. Going inside to ask if it can run on batteries.

5. IPAD and earbuds.

Need my tunes and maybe Internet access. The store is too goddamn bright. My eyes are screaming. Ever hear of dimmers, cockoffs!
p.fucking.s. Massage Chair won’t run on batteries. Bastards.

6. Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend.

You know, for things the Ninja Sword can’t get through. ie: bones, cartilage etc. Not sure if they’re going to have this here. I see they have some store called Coldwater Creek. I’ll check there.

7. Bomber jacket.

Military issue or North Face? And those motorcycle boots – wrap ‘em up! ***Yeah, I know I’m going into wilderness! So the fuck what?

8. Pretzle.

I don’t eat, but that shit smells good!
p.fucking.s. Colderwater Creek was not what I thought it was. Nuff said.

9. Alien Warrior Fantasy Battle Axe.

Shit, have you seen this thing? I think I have a hard on! Total must have. If only for chopping down a tree or two – maybe I’ll make my own papertowels! Take that, greenies!

10. A date.

Goddamn this store.

There’s a photograph of a female in the window wearing some bra and panties shit. She looks a little like She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – only not even as close to as beautiful.
Where do I get me a date?
The only way to forget one female is to suck vein with another. Right? RIGHT?


Goddamn that female.

I take off. Run at top speed to the exit and crash through the glass doors.

Humans are watching me, terrified. Balas are watching me, impressed. This is bullshit. The shopping, the woods – not stopping in the arcade for a second to play Mortal Combat. I’m not running away from her, and from HIM. I growl and then I grin. No…no running. Not yet. Not until I get my blood back.
She owes me.
And if HE tries to stop me, his piece of shit blood will just be a motherfucking bonus.

Want to read more about Lucian?

Since feeding her his blood, Lucian Roman has struggled with his obsession with Bronwyn Kettler-fighting an uncontrollable desire to kill her, if he has to, and the vampire she has sworn to wed. But when a dangerous enemy threatens Bronwyn, only Lucian can save her life. Even if it means sacrificing his own…
Eternal Captive
Coming February 7, 2012

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  1. Absolutely love this. Had me chuckling…fav part p.fucking s. LMAO!!!

    Another series I haven’t read *hangs head in shame..again* Going to add it to my tbr for sure 🙂

  2. How can you not just obsess about Luca? This talented lady is the reason I book blog. I was just so overwhelmed by her wonderful characters I had to tell people. Luca has been my boy from day ONE! All that pale snark and attitude….lord have mercy.

  3. HOLY SMOKES!!! Why have I NEVER read anything by her before. UTC you are opening my eyes to so many new paranormal authors. How many books are in the series?

    After this post I want to read them NOW…which screws the hell out of my To Be Reviewed schedule =)

  4. Love the post, cracking up over the massage chair does not run on batteries LOL! That drawing of the chick has to be based on Natalie Portman (very Black Swan-ish). Thank you for the giveaway, I will definitely have to add these books to my tbr list!

  5. What a fun blog! Laura Wright is a new to me author. I discovered her books on a bookmark I got when I won some swag. I haven’t read any of her books yet but they are next in line on my books to buy list.

  6. I don’t eat, but that shit smells good!
    p.fucking.s. Colderwater Creek was not what I thought it was. Nuff said.


    I’ve been following the little snippets Laura’s been posting on facebook…hott damn is all I’m going to say!

  7. Lucian has great taste in weapons I’d love to have the Full Tang Ninja Sword and the Iron Reaver Finger Claw-Blackend!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this Author Override Lucian is quite something, I was chuckling throughout plus I got a new insult ” cockoff” I will most certainly be using at some point in the very near future!!!

  8. Oh my what an array of items on his shopping trip !! I tend to agree if you cant have one sexy woman then suck on anothers lol !!!

    Great post ! what a hoot !!!!

    have Luciens book pre ordered 😉 cant wait !!

    great giveaway !! will spread the love !


    [email protected]

  9. Hi! I heard a lot of good things about this series! I would love to try it 😛 Nice post BTW, great story, funny! Thanks for this giveaway!


  10. That was hilarious! (p. fucking. s. lol) This series has never been on my radar before, but now it’s near the top of my shopping list!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  11. Luca’s going to need holsters for the battle axe and the iron reaver finger claw (was he watching InuYasha?).

  12. OMG Lucian is to freaking funny!! I just loved his shopping trip tot he mall. I have read the first 2 books and they were awesome. Can’t wait to read Lucian’s!! Thanks for having this giveaway.

    kandj7299 at verizon do net

  13. for those of you that are interested there is a novella called Eternal Blood that goes to this series. Came out Janaury 3, 2012 in ebook only. And Eternal Beast is next. Just FYI!

  14. Loved this!! Favorite part…chopping down a few trees to make paper towels! LOL

    Thanks for the laughs & the chance to win such a great giveaway! I’ve read Laura Wright’s books in ebook format…devoured them actually…but I’d love to have signed copies for my Keeper Shelf! 🙂

  15. That was a hilarious trip to the mall!! I would love to win these books they are next on my TBR list!! Good luck to everyone!! inkbella77(at)gmail(dot)com