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Check it out! Today on Author Override, we have Paranormal Romance writer Laura Wright! Laura is the author of the Mark of the Vampire series! Join us as she chats with the sexy Roman brothers and see what kind of mischief occurs…


I walk into the library in the Soho House to find the Roman brothers in casual states of being.  As usual, Nicholas is behind his computer at the desk, while Alexander and Lucian are seated in club chairs.  All three stop talking the moment I enter.  They’re expecting me.  I sit down in the empty chair across from Alex and smile.

Laura Wright: Evening, boys.  Let’s get right to it.  We’re going to do this light and easy and attempt to not cross over into the dark and oversexed, okay? 

Lucian: What’s she talking about?
Alexander: I believe she’s referring to your dark and oversexed attitude.  She doesn’t want it.  Can’t say I blame her. 

Lucian: Hey, that isn’t me – dark and over sexed!  Shit, that’d be Sir Sex for Hire behind us.

Alexander: Your taste in music makes my balls shrivel, Nicky.  Told you he listened to that human female… what’s her name again?

Lucian: The one who wears the meat clothing? Although…I quite liked that…
I’ve had enough and quickly interrupt.

Laura Wright: So Nicky digs Lady Gaga, can we move on please? 

With a smooth, cool smile, Nicholas gets up from the computer and comes to stand beside me. He touches me on the shoulder, his skin warming me instantly through my clothes.
Nicholas: Of course, female. We apologize.  And by we, I mean Alex and myself.
I look over at Luca for confirmation of his indifference. The paven is spread out in his chair, his eyes narrowed, his arrogant chin lifted. Yeah, he’s not apologizing for anything.

Laura Wright: So, Lucian? Are you pleased with your book, Eternal Captive?

Lucian: You know how I feel, Writer Lady. I am resigned to my book and to my fate.
He will always make me crazy.  I know this and yet I continue with the questions.

Laura Wright: You know, Luca, I still have the editing process to go through on your book, I could change–

Lucian: No. Fuck, no.

Laura Wright: And your heroine…she doesn’t have to be—

Lucian pushes forward in his chair, his eyes slits now, and feral.

Lucian: Change her in any way and you and I are done.  Got that, Writer Lady?

I swallow.  There’s a lump there, has been for many months now, and its name is Lucian Roman.

Laura Wright: I’ll never get you, Luca, but I won’t change anything, all right?
He says nothing, just drops back in his chair and keeps his eyes locked on mine.  With a deep inhale, I move on to Nicky.  Nicky, who is never callous or ferocious toward me, but is also rarely open.

Laura Wright: What about you, Nicky? Do you feel good about Eternal Kiss?

Nicholas: I have Kate.

Laura Wright: She was worth … everything, wasn’t she?
He and I share a silent, understanding smile.
Oh, my tall, dark and soulful Nicky…

Nicholas: She is worth life and death, hunger and misery.  For one moment in her presence, beneath her, feeding from her, I would die a thousands painful deaths. Say something, Duro and I rip the fangs from your head.

Lucian grins, and I can see he’s mulling it over. What to say…how to react, what he wants the outcome of this exchange to be.  

I quickly move on to Alexander before it gets all fists and blood in here.

Laura Wright: Alex, you are my first. You know what I mean, right?

Alexander: I do. And in truth, Laura Wright, you are my first veana.

I smile back and try to pretend my heart isn’t pounding.  We have been through a lot together, Alexander and me, and I love him even though he belongs to Sara now – as it should be.

Laura Wright: Alex, are you pleased with your book? Was Eternal Hunger a nightmare for you, having to see and deal with your parents, or was it the only way for you to let go of your past and –“

He cuts me off with just a look.

Alexander: I don’t dwell in the land of regrets, Laura, you know that.  I faced what I was forced to face and was fortunate enough to have a warrior by my side when I did.
Laura Wright: Two.  Two warriors, right?

Alexander: Not my brothers, female. The warrior I speak of is Sara.  She is fierce and strong and every good, wise thing I am not.
Lucian: Christ! I think you just gave me a cavity, Duro.

Unable to stop himself, Nicholas laughs.

Alexander: Which tooth of yours harbours this cavity, brother?  I’d be happy to pull it for you.   No pain meds on me today but I’ll make sure to knock you unconscious first.

Oh crap.  Here we go.  Too much vampire testosterone–

Nicholas: Easy Alex. Let’s wait for Writer Lady’s interview to conclude before we play Dentist with our albino asshole of a brother, yes?

But Alex is already out of his chair. Like a cat with a fat rat in his sights, he moves toward Lucian – who incidentally is grinning and pointing at his tooth. 

I get up.

Laura Wright: All right.  I’m done.  I’m out of here.  Have fun and don’t kill each other.    Your veanas will never forgive me if you do any permanent damage to each….

But they hardly hear me.  Nicholas has given up being the logical one and has joined the dog pile that now blankets the floor before the fire.  

I leave the room quickly to the sounds of fists connecting with bone, but as I walk down the hall I also hear laughter amongst the brotherly tussle and I smile and shake my head.

Oh, my boys.

**REMINDER!! Tomorrow Laura Wright will be stopping by and chatting with us! She will be giving away a book of the winner’s choice as well as some swag! Don’t forget to stop by!

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  1. Entertaining as always Laura!! We love you & the boys!!!!! Thanks so much to Under The Covers for letting Laura hijack the blog. See you tomorrow… 🙂

  2. Very nice Laura…. actually nice isn’t the right word for the guys is it…I guess I have to agree with LA and say entertaining. Thanks for the interview,see you Saturday at the Q&A.

  3. OMG wow.. love the interview when characters take over.. I’ve never read Laura but wow.. after reading that I’m going to have to add them to my list because they sound GREAT! *fans self* That Lucian is something else 😀

  4. *sigh* Love these! Can’t wait to read even more about the brothers… 🙂 Have any of those ARCs laying around you wanna type out online? or send away? lol <3

  5. I gotta admit I haven’t yet read this series but after reading this fun interview, I’m definitely on the hunt for the first book!

    And might I add, sexy name overload 🙂

  6. Applause for the sexy Roman vamps. They are as always a joy to behold. I always seek a daily dose and am absolutely salivating at the prospect of Luca’s book. Great, great post.

  7. Ohhhh Myyyyy!! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that the boyz are Hottt ♥ This was a great interview Laura 🙂 And I am a little jealous that you were Alexandra’s first veana!! (pouts) And I love that Lucian wouldn’t change a thing! (sighs) And Yes! I Love how much Nicholas loves Kate! (He is, after all my favorite….so far!) 🙂 I have read and very highly recommended these books to all of my friends 🙂 I know that they will enjoy the boyz as much as i did…..errr..DO! And always will 😉

  8. Damn you writer lady….I love these brothers can’t wait till Lucain comes out ..time is ticking way to slow….

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