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An Interview with Heather Morris of Inside Bet 
By Katie Porter 

(I did an interview of Jon Inside Bet for a different site and it was easily the most fun post I’ve written in this whole entire blog tour. And they say posts that are fun to write are fun for readers, right? So I’ve gone ahead and interviewed Heather. I hope you guys like this as much as I liked writing this.)

Heather Morris and I meet at a busy bookstore in the middle of the afternoon. Despite the fact that I met with Captain Jon Carlisle six weeks ago, Heather’s boyfriend, I’m under the impression she’s not sure if I’m a serial killer. She’s already ordered her coffee before I get there, and as I sit across from her, she regards me steadily.

Heather Morris has brilliantly blue eyes. “I must say I didn’t expect to be contacted by members of the press.”

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for more than a month.”

Her mouth tweaks into a wry smile and she looks up at me from under her brows. “No, you haven’t. You’ve been trying to get in touch with Jon Carlisle’s girlfriend.”

I give a little chuckle that’s half unexpected humor and half abashed shame at having been caught out. “That’s probably true. He’s the son of an old-money rich family who courts the limelight, yet he’s joined the Army to become a fighter pilot. He’s intriguing. So why don’t you tell me who Heather Morris is when she’s not being Jon Carlisle’s girlfriend?”

“I’m an assistant director at Hanover Financial Logistics. I do audits for several of the largest casinos, but I’m sure your readers wouldn’t be particularly interested in that.”

“They might be.” I make a little note on my paper. “My readers are interested in the Carlisle family as a whole and in Jon as black sheep in particular. They’d likely want to know what about you interested him. You’re gorgeous, of course, and intelligent, but anyone with Carlisle money could have their pick of the nation.”

“I do believe he’s taken his pick,” she said dryly. “I’ve certainly had no complaints about my qualifications from him.”

I blush. “That’s not quite what I meant to imply.”

“I know,” Heather replies. She has a coffee in her hands, but she doesn’t sip it. It’s more a prop. The thing she was supposed to acquire for our meeting. It’s becoming more obvious that she’s uncomfortable—and that her shields have come up as a result.

“Maybe you can tell me more about Jon Carlisle when he’s not in front of the lens. His private life.”

“Then it wouldn’t be private, now would it?” She says it with a smile, and it’s only half humor. It’s also half poking at me.

I break. Shaking my head, I lean forward with my elbows on the small marble table. “Look. I know you don’t want to be here. Jon didn’t want to speak with me either.”

“That’s an understatement. Mrs. Carlisle—” Heather breaks off, chagrin painting her cheeks pink. “Let’s just say she has ways of getting what she wants.”

I wonder if the methods employed by Jon’s mother are as distasteful as Heather implies with only a few words. Making another note, I decide to follow up on that later. “If you tell me one thing, one good sound bite, we can call this done and get on with our lives.”

“One thing?” Tiny lines drive across her forehead as she considers my offer. “Okay, how’s this one: even putting the fighter pilot job and old money aside, underneath Jon is an amazing man. A man well worth coming home to.”

Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems like she puts particular emphasis on “coming.” But surely a woman as poised and classy as Heather, involved with one of the Carlisles and obviously sophisticated wouldn’t have made such a déclassé pun. I try to push the idea of out of my head, but as we wrap up and go our separate ways, I can’t help but think about it. About Jon and Heather. About what those two gorgeous people would look like wrapped up in bed. Neither seem like the type to bow, so how would that power explode when they gave it a chance.

And what lengths would I go to in order to find out?

~~Once again, dear readers, you’re much luckier than our intrepid reporter. Inside Bet is available now at any digital retailer! And heck, it’s gotten a 4.5 star Top Pick from RT BookReviews, so you know it’s certified tasty, right?

Zero to kinky in 3…2…1

As assistant director in an accounting firm, Heather Morris is at the top of her game. Her straight-laced colleagues wouldn’t believe the secrets she hides: her wild teenage past, work-of-art tattoo and nipple ring.

Her orderly life veers off course when she’s approached at a wine tasting by an arrogant pretty boy with a dirty mind and a hardcore dangerous profession. She finds herself tempted to step outside her respectable façade for some well-deserved excitement.

Captain Jon “Tin Tin” Carlisle knows women. Loves women. One glimpse of the nipple ring under Heather’s conservative blazer lights up all his instincts. He’s stumbled upon a rare treasure: an exotic beauty with a sexy laugh and a taste for dares.

After a red-hot hour of roulette, their simmering attraction bursts into an exploration of mutual passion that tests even Jon’s erotic limits. Soon he craves something he’s never desired before. More. But for Heather, more means trusting, and trusting leads to trouble.

Now Jon must decide if the best sex of his life is worth chancing his heart on a woman who shields hers so well.

Warning: Contains hot power play featuring a fighter pilot who comes from old money but knows all about bringing the dirty. Also: a nipple ring, sex on the hood of a hella sweet sportscar, and one teensy, tiny, wickedly naughty fluid exchange.

Up next for Katie Porter, the co-writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown:

Now that both RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Picks DOUBLE DOWN and INSIDE BET have been released, we’re looking forward to the September 25th arrival of HOLD ‘EM, featuring wild child Leah and a surprising reunion with a fellow pilot. The final two installments of the “Vegas Top Guns” series will follow in 2013.

November brings the m/m Christmas-themed CAME UPON AMIDNIGHT CLEAR, and in January, LEAD AND FOLLOW will launch the five-part “Club Devant” series of erotic multi-partner romances set in a hot New York City burlesque club.

Where to find us:
Twitter: @MsKatiePorter
Or individually: @carrielofty and @LorelieBrown

We’d like to give away a copy of DOUBLE DOWN or INSIDE BET (winner’s choice) in any format. Just answer the question: Coke or Pepsi? (I’ve come up with a lot of these questions, I’m kinda running out. And for the record, I drink caffeine-free Coke and Carrie drinks caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper. Freak.)

Thanks again to Under The Covers for featuring Katie Porter and Inside Bet!

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  1. Cherry Coke Zero!!!!!

    I looove Carrie Lofty and am so excited to see that she is part of the writing team of Katie Porter!!! This is series is so on my TBR list now!!! Thanks UTC!!!

  2. Thanks for a great post and congrats on the new release! Definitely adding to my wishlist 🙂

    Definitely Diet Coke… Pepsi tastes weird…

  3. I used to be a Pepsi girl, and then I switched to diet (either), but I gave up nutrasweet and caffeine about 20 years ago and haven’t had either since. It’s soda water with lemon for me now.

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  6. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope the entries keep coming in, but maybe you don’t! Didn’t Lorelie do a great job with this post? That’s why working as a team is such an awesome thing to be part of. I got to stop by today and read it fresh just like you did. Cool!

    I have my fingers crossed that you’ll love all of Katie Porter’s “Vegas Top Guns” romances. Spicy and sweet and so much fun for us to write.

    And Trudy, thanks!! I appreciate the shout out 🙂

    Carrie Lofty

  7. If i have to chose between the two, i´d say Coke. But i prefer to drink sparkling water with any fruit taste, i´ve gotten used to not drinking sugary drinks. (Love my SodaStream) =)
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