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Sexiest Part Of A Man? by Karin Tabke
First I just wanted to say, thank you to Francesca for inviting me here today!

So, sexiest part of a man?

Oh, I love a nice hard chest with defined pecs, washboard abs, and that little love trail pointing to his happy place. Give me deep soulful eyes, lips so hot they’d melt ice in Antarctica, and hair so thick and soft it would make a mink jealous. Give me tall, give me built and give me hung, but without a steel-trap brain and a sense of humor that makes me laugh tears, you can have the giftwrap.

We chicks dig men with command presence; it’s why there are so many law enforcement and military heroes. Command presence is inherent. It’s not something that can be taught at the Police Academy or in boot camp. One either has it or one doesn’t, and when one fakes it, it comes across as being an asshole.

It brings me back to cops and military in the leading hero roles, either active or retired, having that background shows up front what kind of man we’re dealing with. A man who can save the world and us at the same time.

Even if we can kick the bad guy’s ass, it’s damn sexy and heart-pounding thrilling knowing our hero can save the day with one hand while he’s got us clasped up close and personal to his chest with the other.

Give me a man with command presence, a brain to work it, and a sense of humor that makes me laugh until I’m crying, and I’m his. I’m not going to lie and say I could do without all that sexiness gift wrapped, I’m a girl and I like those kinds of things, but it will be that brain, and the way he makes me smile that will keep me coming back for more.

When I write heroes they always have that innate command presence. They are intelligent and they can make me and the heroine laugh. My husband possesses all three of these qualities, so in affect, I write what I know. 

In the Blood Moon Rising trilogy, my heroes Rafael Vulkaisin and Lucien Mondragon are not law enforcement or military, they are lycan pack alphas. Trying to keep those two in check is like trying to bottle lightening. But I have a lot of fun trying. And while these twin brothers are as alpha as an alpha can be, they are literally as different as night and day, and yet true to who they are: born Alphas. Being alpha is sexy, but sexiness goes deeper than saving the day. Sexy men have emotions and while they aren’t crybabies, they are brave enough to love. To protect what they love and nurture what they love so that it doesn’t die.

As I’m writing this I’m smiling. I love writing about men. I love how they work, how they think and how they act. But at the end of the day, the one that got me and the ones who intrigue me the most are smart, funny, and can stare down a bullet.

What about you? What’s the sexiest part of man to you?

Just Released

The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan packs into war, spur two rival brothers into conflict, and spark an act of vengeance so evil that its effects will be felt for generations.

One woman stands at the center of it all… After years of waiting, the Blood Law is at last avenged. Lycan Alpha Lucien Mondragon takes revenge on his brother, Rafael. Lucien is poised to slay Rafael’s life mate, the Lycan/Slayer half-breed Falon- but cannot complete the kill. For Falon’s mystical powers and fiery nature awaken a heart Lucien thought long dead. Instead of ending her life, Lucien defiantly marks Falon as his own, tormenting his brother to insanity and spurning Rafael’s blood thirst for his own revenge.
Though terrified by the savage Lucien, Falon finds herself inexplicably drawn to his primal rage and strength by a desire she cannot resist. Torn between the true love she has for Rafael and the burning hunger she holds for Lucien, Falon knows that the will of her heart will lead her to her destined life mate. But it may also doom the Alpha brothers-and the Lycan race-to extinction…

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  1. For me the sexiest part of the man is the brain. I can’t stand dumb guys, lol! Of course, a nice ass doesn’t hurt, either. *winks*


  2. I think the sexiest part of a man is eyes or maybe his sense of humor. I mean, if he can’t make me laugh or laugh at himself, what good is he? I agree with Rebe, A nice ass doesn’t hurt either. Ha!!

    Joanne B

  3. Self confidence and the way he carries himself gets my attention first. Intelligence and treating people courteously ranks up there too.

    Not uber muscular, but some definition is nice.

  4. Thanks for a fun post and giveaway! I’ve had book lust for Karin’s series since they released 🙂

    My fav physical part of a guy is his bum… I don’t know why but I love a nice firm tockish 😉 My BF is constantly complaining that I fondle his too much… lol

  5. I hate to say it but brain and attitude are the most important things for me. A hot body is only a bonus. If a guy can’t hold his own in a discussion I will lose interest quickly. I’m pretty dominant so I need someone that can stand up to me too.

  6. Hmmm…I like a sexy voice and I wouldn’t mind if he had a nice muscular chest. But a sense of humor and a bit of sarcasm do the job everytime. i tend to go for guys that can back up my smart ass comments with more smart ass comments. A man is sexy when he’s confident. but over-confidence is a major turnoff. know where the line is drawn. And nothing is more of a turn off than a dumb guy. especially a dumb macho guy who is loud and thinks too much of himself.

    [email protected]

  7. Hi Karin,

    Wonderful to see you here. For me it’s the whole package. I want brawn and brain! Not necessarily a rocket scientist, but he has to know how to use his hands. Now, now – in case the plumbing needs fíxing. *winking* One aspect I do notice right off, is how well he fits in his jeans! Or uniform. 🙂

    Congratulations Karin on not only your new release but that sweet award you picked up last week!


  8. I think that depends on the man. However, I am drawn toward eyes and hair. I don’t have a specific preference, as long as it fits that person. Although, I do have a thing for long-ish hair as long as it it well kept.

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

  9. Congrats on your new release, Karin!
    This sounds like an amazing series. I will be adding it to my ever-growing TBR pile.
    I think the sexiest physical part of a man is his back. A nice strong, muscled back is HOT. Well, I also like arms, chest, abs, backside, strong jawline, beautiful eyes. I could go on forever!
    Thank you for the giveaway.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  10. I don’t know if there’s just one thing that I can say that I find sexy about a guy, but I do know that my perfect dream guy is well built, tall, has dark hair, bright blue or green eyes and is not only has some brains but has a great personality. Now all of that is what I call sexy in a guy.

  11. I can’t lie… first there’s the physical attraction and then he opens his mouth and what comes out of it determines how hot he really is…
    Great interview…
    Great giveaway…
    ctrim at wi dot rr dot com

  12. His heart! I want him to have compassion, be loving, funny and smart. Hmm, that’s not asking too much 😉


  13. Sexiest part on a man in my opinion would be intelligence and hair. I’ve always liked a cute guy with gorgeous hair, and it sure doesn’t hurt if he’s smart. 🙂


  14. The sexiest part of a man is his swagger. If he believes he is sexy, then it will show. Then others (me) will believe it too.


  15. I would have to agree with Karin. While it’s nice to have some great ‘wrapping’, if he can’t put two and two together and come up with a joke then it’s just wasted.


  16. The sexiest part of a man i love are his eyes and his abs. i totally drwning of that

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  17. The sexiest part of a man are his eyes, but he also has to be courteous and respectful because without those qualities how can he treat me well.

  18. Hello Karin,
    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend with Us, sharing about yourself & Books in your Trilogy.

    Congrats on the new release in yourIn the Blood Moon Rising Trilogy, this Series sounds Smokin’ HOT!!! I can’t wait to read the first 2 Books that are released!

    Hmmmm the Sexiest part of a Man?
    First, I just LOVE Dominant Confident Alpha Males, Mmmmmm a passionate man that knows just how to pleasure a woman!!! I just LOVE a well-muscled physique with ripped abs, great traps, OMG I drool over a muscular V’ed back that goes down to a perfect waist & a Fantastic Tight Butt!!!! I Love eyes that can melt my panties right off just with his LQQk & a sensual, passionate kisser is a MUST! But I also feel he should be flawed, I can’t stand guys that think they are perfect. Flaws make them “real, that they are always trying their best to make their woman happy & protect them at all costs.
    Nice Dream World I live in Huh? LOL That’s why I read incredibly erotic, impressively imaginative Books from extremely talented Authors like yourself Karin. We can live out our Ultimate Fantasies through your Amazing Writing, one can always Dream! 🙂

    Thank you for being considered in your very generous giveaway. Thank You.

    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Reneé)
    paranormalromancefan @ yahoo dot com

  19. I have to say the sexy part of a man is the way he treats his woman. im an old softy and when a man treats his oman right makes me melt and want to do other things lol.

    im an old follower girls. xx

  20. I love a man’s arms. If it looks like he does a lot of physical labor it is very sexy. Shoulders are nice too. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    email follower: geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  21. A muscled bicep might grab my attention, but its the eye’s and sense of humor that keep me looking.

    gfc follower
    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  22. Their voice and a fun sense of humor…physically I like strong muscular forearms and big hands.
    Follow via: GFC (Barbara), Linky, FB, email
    barbbattaglia @

  23. For me, its the voice. I love hear man’s voice. Often idolize men just because his voice alone, LOL!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

  24. I agree that in order for a man to be sexy he must have deep emotions. But for me, the brain is the sexist part. My man is smart and funny and that is just the icing on the sexy cake! jepebATverizonDOTnet