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Maidens, I am very excited to have here today one of my favorite authors that I discovered in 2012!  Kallypso Masters!  Her stories are addictive, here’s a sneak peak for you.

Two broken souls and one perfect day 
(Hot excerpt and giveaways!)


In Masters at Arms (read on for a coupon code for your free copy) tells the stories of three men and how they come to become a family with an unbreakable bond. The first three sections of the book recount in real time three turning points in the men’s lives. One is Damián, a 19-year-old fresh out of juvie and trying to keep his nose clean, who comes to the rescue of another 19-year-old, Savannah. She’s lived a hellacious life of torture, incest, and betrayal, but on one perfect day eight years ago, these two broken souls bonded in a cave at Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, Calif., and neither life would ever be the same again.

When they meet again (first in Nobody’s Hero, available now, and then in Nobody’s Perfect, coming soon), Damián has found solace and control in BDSM and sadism and Savi will have closed off her sexual side completely. Both painful and joyful secrets will be revealed and the two will try to find healing in each other’s arms. But first, here’s a glimpse of their one perfect day:

Damn. He needed to feel her naked skin against his. To see her beautiful body in this setting, erasing the image of the grotesque position he’d found her in yesterday. He wanted to see her hot and writhing beneath him, waiting for him to please her.

Stepping back, he took the towel from her and spread it open on the wet sand to protect as much of her skin as he could. Then he unzipped his leather jacket with shaking hands and slid it down her arms. Rolling it into a pillow for her head, he placed it near one end of the towel.

He reached down with both arms and pulled the hem of her dress up. She lifted his arms to aid him in removing her dress. His dick pressed painfully against his zipper. Precum wet his jeans.

Jesús. Please let me last long enough to make it good for her.

He reached between her breasts to unhook her black lace bra. Her breasts spilled out and he cupped them. She had bruises from the ropes last night. He hoped he wasn’t hurting her. His brown skin against her pale breasts caused his dick to strain even more. Then she skimmed her panties down her legs, careful not to pull at the bandages on her thighs. He throbbed when he saw her natural golden triangle of soft curls.

Mierda. The only thought remaining in his brain was how much he needed to bury himself inside her. But he froze, unable to keep from staring at her body. Despite the reminders of last night’s torture, she was perfection. Her nipples became swollen, begging for attention. He bent down to draw one hard peak inside his mouth, flicking his tongue against it, causing her nipple to swell even more. She hissed air between her teeth, grabbing him by the sides of his head, causing his dick to throb even harder. His hand cupped the neglected other peak and he rolled it between his fingers. Hard. She gasped, tilting her golden triangle against his zippered fly. His dick pulsated even more.

Madre de Dios, he couldn’t wait much longer. Maybe if he kept his jeans on, he’d be able to stretch this moment out. Pressing her down onto the towel and his jacket, he kissed her lips again, his hand skimming lightly along her abdomen as he sought the downy curls between her thighs. His finger stroked between her outer lips and she opened her legs for him. Wet. Her pussy was so fucking wet.

Pulling away, he looked down at her.

“I’m sorry. I can’t wait. I need to be inside you.”

She smiled and nodded, reaching down to grab his dick through the denim.

He pulled away. “If you touch me like that, I’m not going to last until I get inside you.” He quirked the corner of his mouth and shrugged. She released him and smiled.

“Open for me, querida.”

When she spread her wings wide for him, like the beautiful mariposa she was, he felt pride surge in his chest. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. How had something so delicate, so perfect, flitted into his life?

Knowing this moment would be fleeting, in more ways than one, he decided to create enough memories to last a lifetime. He changed his next course of action.

* * *

Savannah’s clit throbbed. Please, touch me again. She’d never asked a man for what she wanted and couldn’t start now. She should have helped him take off his jeans, but had been so lost in the sensations of his hands and mouth on her body, all functional thoughts had left her brain.

Expecting him to take them off himself now, she was taken aback when his head bent toward her pussy. She tried to close her legs, then gasped at the friction of the bandages against her raw skin.

He leaned back and looked up at her. “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head. It wasn’t his fault. Still, he mustn’t look at her there. She felt heat rise in her face. Shame. But he continued to hold her legs open wide. Waiting.

“Please, let me taste you.”

Savannah felt her face grow hotter. He was begging? How could she deny him? No one had ever asked before. It was dark in here. He wouldn’t be able to see. She nodded her head and watched as he smiled, then lowered himself to her again. When his tongue flitted against her swollen clit, all thought receded. Her pelvis surged toward his mouth.


Empowered, he took his finger and wet it against the opening of her vagina, then plunged inside her in one strong stroke. “Yes, Damián! Oh, Lord, yes!” The combination of his tongue and finger were delicious. Then another finger joined the first and he moved them in a “come here” motion that was her undoing. An odd pressure built inside her making her feel she could fly. She bucked against his hand and mouth, simulating intercourse. No, more like lovemaking. There was a difference, she was discovering.

She couldn’t hold back. When would he enter her? Then his lips were gone and she felt his eyes on her as his fingers began to plunge in and out of her. “Explode for me, bebé. Don’t hold anything back.”

His tongue returned to draw gentle circles against her clit and she came undone. Her screams of ecstasy crashed against the walls of the cave as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. She held his head to her, pulling fists full of his hair free of his queue, not wanting the moment to end for anything. But it did. Tears spilled from her eyes. The intense beauty of the orgasm left her feeling fragile. Wanting more.

Feeling lost.

Then Damián stood and removed his jeans. She watched his penis spring loose, large and erect. Oh, Lord. He’d never fit inside her.

Propping himself on his elbows, he pressed his body down against her chest. Smothered. She couldn’t breathe. “No!” She pushed him off her chest, gasping to fill her lungs.

Breathe, Savi. He doesn’t want to hurt you.

She opened her eyes. Damián looked down at her and brushed her hair away from her face. “What’s wrong, querida?”

Oh, God. She didn’t want him to stop. And she didn’t want to explain why she couldn’t have him on top of her. “I need to see your face when you make love with me.”

He smiled and propped himself up on his hands. Lord, he was so beautiful. He pressed his erection against her sensitive clit. She pulled his face toward hers and met him halfway, kissing his full, wet mouth. Unlike their kiss on the beach, this time she tasted herself on his lips. How strange. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and she felt his penis throbbing against her clit, which responded in kind. Her nipples tightened and budded.

He pulled back, propping himself on one hand. The veins in his arms bulged as he took his penis and rubbed it up and down against her wet pussy lips. Each time he touched her clit, she surged upward.

“Oh, bebé. You’re so fucking sexy.”

The sweet sentimental endearment, coupled with such a crude word, sent her libido into overdrive. She reached down and guided him to the opening of her vagina. “Please. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Kallypso: Oh, that sounds like Francesca begging for “Orlando’s” story. (Damián’s last name is Orlando—and when Savannah first sees him, she thinks it’s Orlando Bloom and calls him Orlando.)

Francesca: I guess it does, but seriously…who do I have to bribe?!?!? *grins*

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  1. sigggghhhh!!!! I love this series!!! How much longer Kally? Francesca, I’ll let you have Damien, but paws off my Master Luke =)

  2. LOL–wow, you don’t waste any time, DiDi! Hmmm. It’s looking like late May (25th or later) for Master Damian. But he is SOOOO worth the wait! I’ll even let you get a glimpse or two of Master Luke in there, too!


  3. I can’t wait for the next story. So looking forward to it. I”ve reallly enjoyed the others so far and don’t think this coming one will disappoint.

  4. I am going to go into fan girl mode for a moment..SQUWEEEE!!! I love Kallypso books. I love Master Luke. Thanks for the Override.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  5. I really loved reading Masters at Arms, so thanks for the chance to snag another book in this luscious series.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  6. I absolutely need to read this one! I loved Masters at Arms and Nobody’s Angel, and I am hoping I will be able to get something done with this next book. Last time I read a Kallypso Masters, I def let some laundry and dishes fall by the wayside. Yow!


  7. Anyone who has not read these needs to do so NOW! This is a awesome series and I can’t wait for more. I am in total Love or at least lust with the masters.
    Have a great time at the conference, I wish I could go but considering that I have some anxiety issues, I don’t think it would be much fun. I really need to work more on this so that I don’t have panic attacks in crowds so that I can attend some conferences.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. For those of you who have not yet begun the Rescue Me series by Kallypso Masters, you don’t know what you are missing.

    This little excerpt is just one tiny piece of a much larger, wondrous puzzle; think of Masters at Arms, the introductory book for the series, as the border of the puzzle. Each of the following books (Nobody’s Angel #2, Nobody’s Hero #3, and the soon to be released Nobody’s Perfect #4 – not to mention other upcoming titles) add more pieces to the puzzle revealing a hauntingly real erotic romance for characters (dealing with real life issues) introduced in earlier books.

    So remember to read them in order, as you don’t want to miss out on any of the Rescue Me series.

  9. I love how strength and vulnerability are paired in these stories. Thanks for sharing the excerpt and for the giveaway opportunity.

    Looking forward eagerly to the future releases. 😀

  10. Fingers crossed…I read Masters At Arms and LOVED IT! I have Nobody’s Angel on my Kindle but can’t read it until I have Nobody’s Angel. I NEED to win this. Please! jepebATverizonDOTnet

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  12. I absolutely loved the stories so far, if you haven’t tried them yet, do so, Kally is kind enough to offer the first one (see above for Smashwords coupon code!) believe me, you will want to read Marc and Adam’s story, just awesome!


  13. Ooh I haven’t heard of this series until now, but I’m hooked! That cover, that blurb, yum yum 😀 Off to download the free book, thank you very much Kallypso!

    Have a nice Easter weekend!

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  14. I love this series and can’t wait for Master Damian’s book!

    I am a big fan of Kallypso and I love these Masters they are so YUMMY!

    Thanks for this giveaway!


    Ollie aka DarkBloodyVamp

  15. Hey everyone, this is Leagh, Kally’s assistant. First I want to apologize on behalf of Kally for the delay in choosing a winner. We are both still recovering from the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention. So now, without further ado, our winner is…


    Please email me at [email protected] with your snail mail so I can get your prize to you.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!