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Today we have Author of the month, Gena Showalter, with us and she has brought with her the Lords of the Underworld!!!! *squee* We’re all trying not to hyperventilate here, but failing miserably. We’ll try to compose ourselves so we don’t look like fools in front of all of them. We’re not doing a good job…

BUT we hoped we asked the questions that our maidens would’ve wanted us to ask the Lords. So check out our interview with the Lords below!
1. Hi Gena! *looks seductively at the Lords* Hellooo boys. *ahem* Ready for this interview? How is it having your house full of your friend’s wives/women now? Do you think it has improved things?

Kane: Bleep that! Wait, can I say bleep?
Gena: No.
Kane: Whatever. Everyone is driving me bleeping crazy. When is it my turn?
Strider: Oh, goodie. Someone brought whine.

2. For Torin: How many times have you watched Carrow’s video on Youtube?

The same number of times I’ve thanked the gods for her creation.

3. For Paris: How do you feel about having had sex with Kaia now that you know your friend Strider is in love with her?

Shit, you just had to go there, didn’t you? But no way in hell I’ll start spilling details. Strider will try to spill my guts. Again.

4. It’s not a secret that Nix from Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series has a thing for the Lords of the Underworld. Does the sexy sooth-sayer catch any of your interests?

A collective: Hell, yes!
Paris: That’s not even a question. Girl is straight up hot.
Strider: You say that about everyone, P-man. But in this case, you’re right. So if Nix and Kaia want to do a little fighting over me, I say go for it.

5. Lords, time to fess up. Give us the dirty on Gena Showalter. Got any secrets you’d like to share about the wonderful person who writes your books?

Paris: That little witch loves to torture us, but that’s hardly a secret.
Torin: I’d do her.
Aeron: I caught her crying over a commercial once. I won’t say I was disgusted by it, but I think we’ll all know I’m lying.
William: She’s my true love, I just know it.
William: Scratch that shit right now, Showalter. I’d give you a go, sure, but true love? Please.

6. Where would the ideal vacation spot for the Lords be and what would you do?

Gideon: Pits of hell. For real.
William: Gena’s bedroom.
William: For the love of all that’s unholy! Stop answering for me, woman.
Paris: Making love to the same woman over and over again. And I think we all know who I’d pick as mine.

7. What do the Lords do for each other’s bachelor party?? We won’t tell anyone!

Paris: Not that he appreciated it, but I tried giving my man Stridey some tips about pleasing his woman.
Anya: Lucien will have strippers at his, and I’ll kill those strippers at mine. It’s win/win!
Kane: Since I can see where Showalter is headed with my “happily ever after,” I’d rather gnaw off a limb than get engaged.

8. If you could trade demons with another Lord, which demon would you rather have?

Maddox (Violence): Paris
Lucien (Death): Paris
Reyes (Pain): Paris
Sabin (Doubt): Are you kidding? I’m made of awesome! Right? Right!
Aeron (Wrath): Paris
Gideon (Lies): Anyone but Paris
Strider (Defeat): Screw that! Everyone had better pick me, or their last encounter with Hunters left them stupid
Paris (Sex): Anyone but Strider
Kane (Disaster): If I could kill every single demon, I would. So trade? Bleep no! (Why are you letting everyone else cuss, Showalter, but censoring me?)
Cameo (Misery): Did you know 8.6 million women die from heart disease every year?
Torin (Disease): Paris
William: Gena
William: I give up! Fine, whatever. I want Gena, can’t get enough of Gena.

9. If we could have a contest where a loyal fan would get to have a date with you, what surprise will you have in store for her?

Paris: Me, naked.
Strider: Like that’s really a surprise, Sex. Me? I’d do the whole candy, flowers and candlelight thing. (snicker) Okay, okay, I almost gagged even saying that. The truth? Me, naked.
Gideon: A hot air balloon ride through a rainbow. Yeah, I’m romantic like that.

10. Which do you prefer football (NFL), hockey (NHL) or basketball (NBA)? Any big Superbowl parties at the Lords place?

Strider: Dude, I can’t believe you even have to ask. Naked oil wrestling. Or so Paris thinks, I’m sure (snicker).
Paris: What’s with you and the snickering, you ass? Never mind. Don’t answer. I don’t care. Because if your balls are what we’re kicking around, I’m for the sport, whatever it is.
Strider: Someone clearly needs a massage to release some tension. With oil.

11. Pick your poison . . . What’s your drink of choice?

Paris: single malt
Maddox: And isn’t that a shocker? I thought you preferred ambrosia-laced wine that nearly kills my woman.
Paris: shut it, Violence.
Strider: God, the arguing. Both of you shut it, ‘cause it’s my turn to answer and I say Harpy blood. What? It’s good.
William: Gena. Of course.

12. And because our maidens are dying to know. . . Boxers, briefs or commando?

Paris: what do you prefer, beautiful?
Gideon: women’s underwear
Aeron: Someone mentioned gnawing off a limb. Yeah, I’d rather gnaw off a limb than answer that.
Strider: Whatever Paris’s mom prefers.
Paris: You are such an asshole.

13. Finally, What does it take to be a Lord of the underworld?

Anya: Me, me, I want to answer this one! The recipe is as follows: two cups of evil mixed with two cups of not so evil. Avoid adding “honorable” or the beefcake will come out lame. One cup of smartass remarks, 3 TBS of muscles, 2 litters of sexy, and balls the size of boulders.

And there you have it! The ladies at UTC with Gena Showalter and the Lords of the Underworld! Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!

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  1. *rolling at the floor because LOL’ing so hard*
    Well, you are all hilarious! I can’t remember how long I see all Lords have fun like this. To Gena, you must make they interviewed a lot. Its…priceless!!

  2. i’m still drooling over the lords….they’re so awesome..can’t wait for strider’s book!!
    thanks so much for the interview!

    GFC-Janhvi Jagtap

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  3. That was AWESOME – exactly what I needed to pick me up this morning before I got started at work! Thank you for such a fabulous interview!!!

  4. William, William, William. I’m sure you feel better now that you’ve talked about your deep love for Gena! That just makes you that much sexier in my eyes, you romantic devil! Uh, you are a real devil, aren’t you?

  5. That was so much fun. I love the LORDS and Gena’s answers for Paris are too much. She’s really showing her affection for him :).

  6. I know everyone loves Paris but I think William is the best… he gets the best lines in the books, like when he prank called Maddox in The Darkest Secret 🙂 – I hope he gets his book some time soon

  7. I loved the interviews with the women of the Lords of the Underworld in the recent anthology Gena gave us. This is right on par with that. Both have me laughing and enjoying every minute. However, I wish there were more questions…you know…just to keep it a little longer. ~bats eyelashes~

  8. That was awesome! This definitely made my day! Please do have some more interviews with these hotties and our talented hotness Ms. Gena.

  9. Awesome and amazing. The right “wake me up”. Love these Lords and Gena. If she wrote a book with just their interviews I’d buy it. 🙂 Love William. Thanks for this.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  10. Omg, that was brilliant!! Loved every word 🙂

    Thanks for this and the chance to win! I couldn’t find the post for the Reading on the Dark Side: LOTU so I’ll stop by later to comment.

    You ROCK for putting all this together! #TeamLOTU
    Book Soulmates

  11. ROFL this is the reason I love the Lord’s- so is Gena William’s HEA 🙂 . Personally I like the date with them 🙂 Paris naked ummm

  12. That was hilarious!

    My fave line was when Anya said Lucien will have strippers at his, and I’ll kill those strippers at mine. It’s win/win—classic Anya right there. I love it!

    And all the little snippets between Strider and Paris involving Kaia has me wanting Darkest Surrender soooooo badly!

  13. That was a fun interview! Gods it makes me want the Strider-Kaia book…like right now! Can’t wait.

    So happy to get a glimpse of Lucien-Anya. They are my fave Lords couple along with Sabin-Gwen.