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Hello Maidens! I’m glad to be back at Under the Covers. I thought long and hard about what topic to write about, and I kept circling back to “keeping the spice” in a marriage. You see, not only do I dabble in paranormal erotic romance, I also write an erotic marriage series featuring Eliza and Jett Prince – happily married monogamous couple of ten years with four children.

Although I write about married couples, most of the spicing up can be used in any relationship. One of the issues Jett and Eliza face in “Finding Time” is well, finding time to be together. Can you imagine trying to be sexy, flirty and adventurous while cleaning up spilled food, or listening to the kids fighting and bickering? It’s extremely unsexy, and a buzz kill. Yes, I know for sure. Why? Because I have four rambunctious hell spawn of my own. Whom I love dearly mind you, but they have horrid timing when it comes to sexy time. Sigh. But that is a story for another post.

My husband is amazing, but he will tell you the same thing. Children can ruin a sex drive faster than a boy will cum the first time he has sex. Marriage is work, children are work, and finding time for intimacy is hard when you’re tired and depleted.

Sex is tough enough, but when you add needy children into the mix, finding uninterrupted time is nearly impossible.

I know it’s easy to put the kids first, and your needs (as a woman, or man) second. An overall theme in “Finding Time” is about reconnecting. Many married couples become complacent and find themselves in the back seat of their own lives, shepherding children to and from activities, homework, and the daily life chores of being a grown up. Not to mention work, and all the societal pressures. These examples just scratch the surface.

So, here are a few tips from Jett and Eliza, and a little insight on how they got their groove back

Eliza says: I used these tips to open up and become more uninhibited.

1) Use technology. I know a lot of people frown upon texting, but really, it’s very useful and easy to text sexy snippets to Jett in front of the kids without them knowing what I’m smiling about. Or that my panties are wet from him telling me all the naughty things he plans for me when he gets home. I’m sure his workday is infinitely harder after he reads my texts :snickers: But texting dirty is the new phone sex – you should try it and reap the rewards of your teasing.

2) Garters are sexy! Buy a few sets and you will instantly feel like a sex kitten. Add a pair of thigh highs and your confidence will soar. The great thing about garters is you can wear them under anything and only you will know – it’s a very sexy secret. Until you reveal yourself to your partner and watch his eyes bug out of his head. Try mixing it up, and when your lover comes home from work – wear nothing but a long coat, a garter set, and a smile.

3) Let him know you appreciate any work he does for you and the family. If he’s been working out, tell him how delectable his body while you rub your hand up his chest and then whisper in his ear how much you love him, and just what his devotion to the family does for you. Follow this by showing him. Either on your knees, or in other adventurous ways. Sometimes intimacy and reconnecting is about the giving of yourself with no expectation. But hell yes –reciprocation is nice!

Jett says: My top three ways of keeping my woman happy are:

1) Compliment her… and I don’t mean the generic “You look nice today” comments. I’m talking about deep comments, like “You’re an amazing mother.” Or keep it simple and look into her eyes, stroke her cheek and say, “I’m glad you’re my wife.” (Or partner, mate, etc.)

2) Take an interest in what interests her. Remember that she is a woman and not just a mother, or housekeeper, or breadwinner. Always remember she is a woman. – Your woman. Make her feel loved and cherished.

3) Make sure she gets some alone time. The mother part of her will appreciate being able to take a shower without grabby hands and little space, going to the grocery store without yelling, or just reading a book in peace.

Jett and Eliza both wanted to give the readers a piece of advice together, and that is:

1) Have sex everyday.

Every day you ask? Every. Day. The more sex you have, the better you will feel, the happier you will be, and the more connected to each other you will become. So make it a point to have some type of sexual interaction daily. You’re welcome in advance.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. For even more sexy tips and an interesting story, please feel free to read “Finding Time” and be on the look out for the sequel “Finding Balance” coming soon.


“Jett.” She whispered. He caught sight of her in the doorway and froze, his eyes wide. Eliza opened the door further and let him see her nude body. She cocked a hip and motioned to him with the crook of a finger. “Come on, before James knows your home.” She backed up and hoped like hell he followed.

His hand grasped the door and pushed it open enough for him to squeeze through. He shut and locked the door, perusing her up and down, and Eliza noticed his cock bulging his jeans. She decided on a bold course and walked to him as she cupped a hand over his erection and stroked once as she went up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear. “I’ve been so horny all day. I hoped you’d come home for lunch. I waited for you and I’m sopping wet. Fuck me, please.” She waited for him to say something.

Jett brushed a strand of hair off her cheek and put it behind her ear, caressing her jaw with the backs of his fingers on the way back. “Let me go wash my hands, I’m dirty.” He feathered a kiss to her lips and went into their adjoining bathroom. A few minutes later, he emerged naked. The sight never ceased to amaze her. Her husband had a powerful body—strong, meaty thighs and calves. A narrow waist and a broad male chest. He worked a strenuous job and it showed. He didn’t boast a ripped physique, but his biceps were chiseled and he still had the ability to take her breath away. His face captivated her, always had. His sinfully long eyelashes framed large green eyes and sexy, sleep-tasseled, wavy hair hung to just above his shoulders. Her son James had his daddy’s curls. Jett had a square jaw and chiseled cheeks, often a five o’clock shadow or a scruffy beard. Scruffy-bearded men turned her on.

Jett walked to her and stepped her back until her ass hit cold window. She panicked, her heart pounding in her chest, even as slickness coated her inner thighs. Sunshine filtered through the transparent glass, sending prisms of color sparkling in their bedroom. “Someone will see us!” she whispered, a snap to her tone.

“Who cares, Eliza? They’ll only see an ass, if anything. But most people aren’t home right now.” He tucked a hair behind her ears, staring into her eyes.

Eliza shivered. The idea of being caught or seen terrified her as much as it sent zings to her pussy. Since she’d decided to try new things, she relented. She let him press her against the glass and cage her in his warm body. He nibbled and kissed her neck, relaxing her by slow degrees. He lingered on her mouth, sucking her lips and stroking her tongue with his. When her body grew lax, he dropped to his knees and hoisted one of her legs over his shoulder and tilted her hips towards his face. His strong fingers dug into her ass cheeks, he alternated kneading and clenching them together.

Her face flamed. Did she want this? Really? What if her neighbor, Mrs. Honeysuckle, glanced out her window and caught sight of more than she ever bargained for? She’d never be able to look the lady in the eye again without burning from embarrassment.

The first touch of Jett’s tongue to her slit stopped her wayward thoughts. In the recess of her wickedest fantasies, she admitted she wanted the thrill and added danger of exhibitionism. He lapped and stroked her, suckled her clit with the skill of a knowing lover, and she flew apart, palms pressed to the glass, head tossed back, eyes closed. Blood thrumming through her veins as a fine sheen of sweat coated her body.

She opened her eyes and looked down into the face of desire, stroking his cheek with her hand, as he licked the taste of her from his lips with an “Hmmm.”

He stood and gave her a poignant glance at his cock, eyebrow raised in mock challenge. Eliza laughed and turned him so his back pressed into the spot next to hers against the glass.

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  1. I definitely liked the advise – I strive for “every day”, but sometimes its difficulty – I work nights – he works days, but we work very hard at being intimate!!

  2. The everyday advice is great. I have noticed that my hubby and I don’t fight as often and I think it is because we have an active sex life. Sounds like a great series.

  3. Great guest post! So true about finding time and making time. I look back at my parents marriage and I know they didn’t make enough time for each other when we were kids – luckily they are both retired now and have more than enough time to spend with each other – lol…sometimes I wonder what I’ll see when I walk through the front door if it’s been locked:)

  4. Good advice…after 17 years, I still thank hubby for all he’s done for our family…I try very hard to NOT take him for granted as that is so easy to do. Working on our vanilla sex life is another matter…sex EVERYDAY?? I wish! LOL

  5. I have to say if I had sex everyday I would be dead in a week LOL! We do manage twice a week but I don’t know about every day :O)

  6. *Sighs* I intentionally waited until late afternoon to comment on this post, so I wouldn’t feel guilty about swigging a glass of wine while I read it.

    EVERY DAY?? Are you freaking kidding me, Jett gets some everyday?? I’m not sure a glass of wine is strong enough for what I’m thinking.

    Yes, there is lot of other cool stuff E.R. has it this post, but excuse me – my brain is stuck on get laid 365 days a year. OMG – Jett, you’re my hero. Dude, I want to grow up and be just like you one day.

    I have read Finding Time and I loved it. I loved it so much that I wrote one of my typically fantastic reviews about the book that can be found on Amazaon and Goodreads – check it out.

    E.R., your insightful words about relationships and working to keep them fresh are timely and accurate. I hope everyone who reads this post, downloads Finding Time TODAY.

    By the way, E.R.’s other book – Fractured Moon, is equally good, in a paranormal sort of way. It also about relationships and finding a true mate.

    Now, I want some details on what you’re feeding Jett…other than the obvious. Is he eating raw hamburger or drinking protein shakes with raw eggs like in the Rocky movie??


  7. Kerry — I hear you on finding time for sex to be difficult sometimes 🙂 Sexy texts!

    Susan W. — Absolutely, have him read them 😉

    Kaylyn D — Indeed, my dh and I don’t fight as often (or much at all) and I do attribute it to lots of smexy time 😀

    Maria D. That is so great about your parents relationship now — Too often we allow our relationships to slip while tending to the children, but we have to have something left together once they are grown up!

    Jen Shields — Thank you for commenting, have a great week!

    books4me — Congrats on 17 years, that’s awesome. Keep working on the Vanilla — surprise him with some garters 😉

    Carin — naw, you wouldn’t be dead in a week – you’d be so energized, I’m telling ya.

    Cy — Yep, they can be. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    Benji — We do eat a healthy diet, maybe it’s the avocado and tuna instead of Mayo 😉

    Erin — You’re welcome and thanks for stopping in~

  8. Hello E.R.,

    WOW your Post cannot be more True!!!! Such Great Advice that is actually so easy to have in a loving relationship, people just have to stop & make “time” for each other.

    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  9. What a great post, and so true. Thanks for sharing about your erotic series, and with a married couple! I love it!
    With three small children of my own I know how difficult it can be to find alone time with my husband. We make it work, as much as we can. Sometimes we get interrupted..which results in us giggling like caught kids.

  10. Can’t wait to read how Eliza and Jett got their groove back:) That’s some very good advice and it seems like such simple things to do that we often forget or take advantage of… definitely putting this story on my wishlist:)

  11. Great post! I’m definitely checking your series out since I haven’t read any books based on a married couple with children trying to spend quality time together.

  12. I am lucky enough to have already read ‘Finding Time’, so I have spent a while getting to know Jett and Eliza. For anyone who hasn’t yet, DO. You are welcome to have a peek at my review of it on Amazon to see my thoughts on the experience.
    This is very important advice for any relationship. I think sometimes we overlook sex in our daily lives because it seems a part of us that is purely selfish. I wrestled with this when my daughter was young, as well. The fact is, our sexual satisfaction is as important as any other part of our lives, maybe even more so. Personally, I begin to doubt my successfulness in many areas of my life if I start to deny myself something so basic. And lets face is – Sex feels good and makes us happy! It is hard to feel complete when you allow yourself and your marriage to miss out on such an important and meaningful way to connect and feel satisfaction.
    Jett and Eliza’s tips for *making* time for eachother sexually, as well as keeping the emotional connection strong, are wonderful ways for couples to start finding intimacy in their relationship again.
    Fantastic post for us, ER! I’m looking forward to reading ‘Finding Balance’ next!!

  13. Fantastic advice! E.R. Pierce is a new author to me, but I can’t wait to read Finding Time. Thanks for the giveaway, I would LOVE to be a beta reader! I have never seen this as a prize, what an amazing opportunity!

  14. Fantastic advice! E.R. Pierce is a new author to me, but I can’t wait to read Finding Time. Thanks for the giveaway, I would LOVE to be a beta reader! I have never seen this as a prize, what an amazing opportunity!

  15. Great advice, ER, and I’m glad to make your acquaintance–I love stories that reflect what goes on inside an existing long-term relationship! There’s much to explore 🙂

    f dot chen at comcast dot net