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Benjamin Russell
Benjamin Russell is currently under the weather, and so you get me, ER Pierce. I know, I know. I don’t have the silver tongue he speaks with, or the erotic way with words he so eloquently writes with, but… I  do have something to share with you. I have Benji’s secrets.

Yep, I do. You might be wondering why I am privy to his secrets, and I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you, and quite frankly, I leave the killing up to Leila in my Nightstalker Justice Series. So, just roll with the information.

Drum roll please… Sorry Benjamin, it has to be done. You can’t hide anymore 😉

1) The man is a die hard Trekkie. He can spout facts about Star Trek that will make you shake your head and laugh. Also, if you look closely at his character names, you will find references to Star Trek Characters.

2) He is addicted to exercise infomercials. Specifically the Brazilian Butt Lift, and Zumba. He enjoys getting up early and watching women workout. I can’t really fault him for that though.

3) It takes him 15 minutes to brew coffee. No Keurig for this man, nope he has a French press and has to grind the beans. I’m an instant gratification type of woman, and waiting that long for caffeine would make me shoot sparks. I don’t know how he does it.

4) He is a major procrastinator. Woops, was I not supposed to share that with the world? My bad.

5) He is one of the biggest proponents of “Pay-it-forward”. If he is your friend or even acquaintance, he will go to extreme lengths to promote and share you, or just ask about your day. He really cares about people.

6) He has candy machines in his basement.

7) He wears a Fedora — all the time.

8) He does not like Rap Music. His first loves are Prince, and Boyz II Men.

9) He would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat, and live there happily sunning himself on the beach watching all the ladies prance around in next to nothing. He would be a happy man, sipping a glass of white wine, enjoying the show.

10) Before he was a writer, he used to travel for work. You should ask him about his destinations and experiences. He worked best while eating Pizza and watching a movie.

11) If he were a contestant on Survivor, his luxury item would be a set of dumbbells. Honest Truth. Me? I’d bring a toothbrush, but to each their own, I suppose.

Anyway, Benjamin writes sexy stories, but you knew that. Or at least, you should know that. The Booty Call is published, and he is part of a Flash Fiction Anthology that just released with a few other talented authors, called Six Degrees of Passion. He is currently penning “The Incubus Chronicles”, which is an Erotic Urban Fantasy – and unlike anything on the market to date, so prepare yourself for some interesting, pulse pounding, sexual fun. I’ve read it, and I was blown away.

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Excerpt from the Booty Call, co-written with Michelle A. Chatton

Vicky arched her back and her head lolled to the side. “Winston, ooh baby, I am soooo close. If you keep doing that I am going to come, I am going to come so hard.” She whimpered breathlessly.

Steel vibrated in Winston’s voice. “No, you don’t come until I tell you to.” The touch of menace in his voice sent a furtive thrill to Vicky’s moist core and surprisingly, she found the hint of danger in his voice to be arousing.

“Yes Sir,” she said, assuming the submissive role easily from pure habit.

Vicky let out a long sigh as he slowly pulled his finger from her pussy’s clinging grasp. He stared at his cream covered finger lovingly before he turned his gaze on her and met her eyes directly.

Transfixed, she watched him stick his finger in his mouth and suck off all her cream. A look of crazed lust washed over his face as he tasted her juices and the erotic expression sent undulating ribbons of desire shimming down her spine. She peered at him through hooded eyes as he dipped a finger back inside her. Vicky’s eyelids fluttered and then closed as another wave of pleasure racked her body.

This time, when he withdrew his finger glistening with her dew, he held his hand up to her face. Every cell in her body screamed for her to devour his finger, but she forced herself to wait. He didn’t have to say it, but she wanted him to give her permission to do it. He leveled an icy stare at her and his commanding body language spoke to her heart.

Tonight she wasn’t the hotshot attorney who intimidated weak men with her intelligence, self-confidence and plus sized body. Tonight – in this bed – she wanted to be a desirable and sensuous woman, giving her trust to a real man. If only for one night, she wanted a man like Winston to dominate her and use her as he pleased.

Her eyes were soft, open and begging for his approval. “Please.”

“That’s good baby, you’re learning.” He placed his finger at the opening of her mouth and Vicky smiled when she inhaled her scent. She greedily wrapped her lips around his finger and sucked it clean.

He moved to the end of the bed and dropped to his knees so he could look between her legs. Moisture oozed from her and he froze for a moment as his cock bucked at the sight. He stared at the tantalizing view of her sex, wet with cream. He became enthralled at the promise of emptying the creamy contents of his balls in her, or all over her.

He looked up and captured her eyes. “Vicky, tell me what you want.”

She hesitated for just a moment. “Please.”

“Please what?” The displeasure in his voice was evident.

“Please make me come.”

He smiled. “That’s what I needed to hear.”

Winston began to lick his way up the inside of her legs and made a beeline straight for her beckoning little pussy. Normally, he would have teased her even more, but since today was her birthday and she’d been a good sub up to that point, he decided to give her what she needed.

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  1. I’ve read the book and loved it. One sexy read for sure. Benjamin is truly a fantastic man who will go out of his way for anyone. Wonderful that the world gets to know a little bit more about him.

  2. Fun “character” interview – I’m guessing “Pierce” is a reference to the Star Fleet engineer named Pierce…lol. Booty Call sounds like a really hot book:)

  3. Benjamin, you’re amazing. A closet Star Trek fan and the man knows how to brew coffee! Are there any more like you at home? 15 minutes to brew your coffee? Really? Hmmmm…. *whispers* (It won’t seem so long if you and I had some ‘alone’ time while the coffee did it’s thing.) Hot coffee after a little lovin’…. *wink* Nice. You can take me to your den any day of the week! E.R, thank you for bring Benjamin into the light. Looking forward to reading more from such a talented author, and wonderful friend.

  4. I want to thank my friend ER Pierce for throwing back the covers and exposing me to the world today. Now for sure everyone will know if I wear boxers, briefs or none at all.

    I am indebted to her for stepping up and covering for me today. Life has a way of messing up the best of intentions and I’m thankful for her support.

    Anyway, what ER has done reminds me of a wonderful line in the first Godfather movie. Here’s the scene –

    Michael Corleone is going to kill a crooked cop in a restaurant and the gun he’s supposed to use is going to be hidden in the bathroom at the restaurant for him to find.

    Sonny, Michael’s brother, is planning the operation and he’s giving instructions to one of his henchmen about where to hide the gun –

    “You make sure that gun is there for Mikey to find. I don’t want my brother coming out of that bathroom with his di-k in his hand instead of a gun.”

    You done good ER, my hands are full.

    I’d like to thank everyone who has visited today. I appreciate it.

    May You All Live Long and Prosper

  5. ER, wonderful job filling in for our beloved Benjamin! It’s a marvel to have someone like you around who will fill us in on all the naughty details! 😉
    Benjamin – While I admit to knowing about the Star Trek fetish..Candy machines in the basement?? You mean you, candy AND all sorts of erotic goodies in the same place?! I’m there with bells on, handsome!
    For those of you who don’t know Benjamin well personally, it is NO exaggeration when ER spoke of how generous, caring and otherwise Amazing he is. Not just to his friends, but to people in general. His imagination brings us stories that will singe our socks right off, including ‘Booty Call’. I have had the pleasure to read this myself and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new and delicious to read. Another place to find him regularly is with his FF posts on his blog, ‘The Incubus Chronicles’. There you will also meet his one-of-a-kind muse, Jezebel.
    We have yet to know for sure, however, which it IS that you wear to cover yumminess down under. Inquiring minds still need to know! *Wicked Grin*

  6. Fresh ground coffee, huh? Mmmmm! Cream no sugar please *smiles* I would have never guessed you for a Fedora! You learn something new everyday lol. I am so enjoying learning more about my sexy succubus 😉 Oh and Benji, Thank you.. I need a cold shower now.
    -Jade xo

  7. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Thank you for the shout out Benjamin, and oddly enough I just watched the Godfather Legacy on the History Channel the other night! I’m not big on Mafia movies per say, but I don’t mind the Godfather.

    Maria D — Nope, I’m a real person 🙂 LOL

  8. Yet another author I should have heard of before now but I didn’t. Thanks to this blog, problem solved. This sounds like a very good read. I appreciate the introduction!

  9. wonderful interview even if not from the man himself. Benjamin, you can make my coffee anytime and I am a Star Trek fan myself hehe. Candy machines in the basement might be a little too far out there but hey, if it contains chocolate, I would bite. 🙂 I can’t wait to read your incubus tales. Love your work and nice to ‘meet’ the man. Hugs.