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“AURORA BLAZING was a pulse pounding adventure.”
~ Under the Covers

I am not a big sci fi reader but when I do dive into this genre I enjoy exploring these new worlds without having to find aliens or creatures.  Finding this series was catnip for me.  I was highly anticipating this release and I have to admit it didn’t disappoint. The romance was a little different than in the first book, more of a slow burn than Polaris Rising.  But it was an engaging read from start to finish.  All aspects of it interconnected perfectly and drove the story forward.  I couldn’t put this down.

Bianca is the daughter of a High House.  She did her duty and married for political reasons.  Her husband died and people have gossiped that she killed him.  But what most people don’t know is that she is one of the best hackers and she has an underground network of information.  While others underestimate her she gets things done.  And that’s what she sets out to do when her brother is kidnapped.  She knows she can find out who took him, where he is and bring him back.  Ian, the head of security of her High House, has to find her and bring her back to safety.

One of my favorite things about this series is how strong the heroines are.  They have courage.  But not in the “I’m tough and careless” kind of way.  They also are very grounded, smart and know their limitations. And the heroes are even stronger but they perfectly balance them, while also allowing them to be who they are.  The heroes are alphas but they don’t have to dominate the heroines, instead they give them the place they deserve and work with them.  I’ve loved that about both of these pairings.

As with the first book, here we go on a journey through different planets all to find Bianca’s brother.  I loved the worldbuilding, the action of this adventure and more importantly the chemistry between our main characters.  While I mentioned this is a slow burn, and also an enemies to lovers, the sexual tension is perfectly laid out and sprinkled throughout the story.

AURORA BLAZING was a pulse pounding adventure.  If you are not reading this series and this author I highly recommend you give her a try.


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  1. I cannot wait to read this. You said it perfectly: the female characters are strong and grounded and the male characters are their matches in every way.