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It was heartbreaking, romantic and inspiring.” ~ Under the Covers

Winfield did a fabulous job with the story line. He captured my full attention to hear and feel Jane and Caleb’s story. It was heartbreaking, romantic and inspiring. Everything Winfield wrote seemed realistic that I question the fictional status of this book. Everything felt painfully real.

Losing anyone you love is definitely heartbreaking, and Jane’s story is no different. She had lost her daughter, and now she is all alone. I have not lost anyone very close to me, but I understood her heartaches, hardships and loneliness. Winfield did a great job making me feel her loss. I’m glad Jane found Caleb. He is a musician from the streets, younger, but obviously with an old soul and he has a connection to her daughter. Though at first, her reason to get close to Caleb was to hold on to anything Melody, Jane managed to go beyond that and saw a reason to move on. She found life in Caleb and decided to live it with him.

I have to admit; there’s a little bit more steam than I expected in this book. I’ve only read a few male authors but usually, I enjoy the steam factor from a female author more than of the male author. But Winfield did a great job with the love scenes in this book. After a few chapters of getting to know each other, Caleb and Jane hit it off. They were hot together, and there was not a hint of insta-love between them nor were there any pretenses.

I started this novel via audiobook, but I had to switch to ebook because the narrator’s voice for Caleb made him sound way too young. The persona she tried to project did not fit Caleb’s character, IMO. Yes, his is younger than Jane, but he is also very mature. The narrator did not do him justice.

The ending is not how I would like it, but I knew there was a sequel to the story, so I was content with it. If you decide to give this book a chance and I suggest you do, I recommend reading it in print and stay clear from the audiobook. I finished book two, Jane’s Harmony just before writing this review, and I can tell you that it is just as good as this one if not better.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I purchased Jane’s Melody last year when it was self published but haven’t read it yet.