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ARC Review: At Death’s Door by Sherrilyn Kenyon
At Death's Door
Book Info

Released: September 10th, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Deadman's Cross #3
Pages: 352

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This is the web Kenyon weaved of the complicated Dark Hunter world and I love every bit of it. ” ~ Under the Covers

After losing everything, including her life, Valynda has sworn her loyalty to the Deadman’s Crew in exchange for a chance of getting her soul back. Of course, being part of the Deadman’s Crew is never easy. This time, the crew will have the Malachai to battle with but the worst battle for Valynda may be forgiving the man she blames for her current situation.

I enjoyed Valynda and Nibo’s story. Their first meet reminded me of Fantasy Lover, which is the first book of the Dark Hunter series. Summoning a paranormal being by a human just makes a mark on you, LOL. I thought it was funny and cute. So are Valynda and Nibo. I like them both as individuals and as a couple. I love that no matter the time or situation, Nibo never gave up on his love. Valynda was a little bit more complicated. Their fall out was rough for her and she has a more unforgiving heart. But I give it to her, she is one tough cookie. 

If you’re familiar with this series or Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series, characters from other books and different timelines are usually involved in current stories.  With that said, I loved reading more of Jaden, Savitar, Thorn, and Acheron who are big characters from Kenyon’s Dark Hunterverse now also known as Hunter Legends . Reading more of their past or current lives in this book made me love them even more. I don’t think I can ever tire of them or their involvement in the DH world. 

I especially love the mention of the Malachai’s(Adarian) background in this book which is closely connected with several storylines from DH Series. Though I have not finished Chronicles of Nick, reading more of his story hits me emotionally as I know his part in Nick’s life. Dare I say, there’s more to him than meets the eye? Maybe there is. I’d like to read his story and the mother of his child. 

Deadman’s Cross is the last of the trilogy and at this point, though we get a happy ending for Valynda and Nibo, the series seems unfinished to me. This is not necessarily a cliff hanger or a bad thing to me.  Kenyon left several openings and new information that connects and eventually will lead to present time DHverse. This is the web Kenyon weaved of the complicated Dark Hunter world and I love every bit of it. 


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