“Now that I’ve tried my first Jenn McKinlay book, I can safely say that I’m hooked.”
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ASSAULT AND BERET is the fifth book in the Copy Cap Mystery series by Jenn McKinlay. This is a series that I completely stumbled upon one time while I was looking through Goodreads and the cover intrigued. I read the blurb and absolutely loved the idea of the European setting with two cousins, one of which is an American. I know Jenn McKinlay comes highly recommended so I was excited to try this series.

I found that even though this is my first book I’ve read in the series that I didn’t have much of a problem catching up. We have two main heroines who couldn’t be any more different. As you can expect, the American named Scarlett is a little more forward than Vivian is, but I found that I really enjoyed their dynamic.

It took about a chapter or two to get used to McKinlay’s writing style. I don’t think it’s particularly different or hard but since I had some catching up to do, I did notice there was a bit of a lag in the beginning. However, it’s clear that McKinlay has something amazing here.

I absolutely love the setting. I think that for me is the best thing about the series. I love the heroines and the mystery but the European backdrop is what makes this series unique. I also think it’s a great way for readers to kind of get to know the setting without really going there themselves. It’s a really fun concept and I would love to see more authors try something like this in their books.

Now that I’ve tried my first Jenn McKinlay book, I can safely say that I’m hooked. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of this series and this author.




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