“YOU HAD ME AT HOLA was entertaining and has great representation but didn’t win me completely over.”
~ Under the Covers

Welcome to the world of telenovelas!  But really, this is perfect for any fan of celebrity romances where you can get a behind the scenes look at TV and movies and experiencing the struggles of actors trying to keep their life private and facing judgment from paparazzi and the media.

I first wanted to read this book because the cover is so beautiful and then the blurb won me over completely.  I was so ready for this because I grew up watching telenovelas.  I had certain expectations based on that and I’m not quite sure that this book delivered on those expectations.  However, it did bring in some of the culture through the characters.

The main characters never got me to fall in love with them though.  I especially struggled with the hero because he often acted like a jerk and as the book went on, while I understood the reason for his actions, I just wanted to see a bit more of a gradual character growth for him.  I don’t think I see the appeal he would’ve had for our heroine after a certain point.

This was my first book by Alexis Daria and the writing style felt a bit clunky.  Some of the pacing dragged at times and the dialogue didn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted.  That could be just be me though, so I do plan to give this author another try and I already have a book on my TBR by her to try.

In the end, YOU HAD ME AT HOLA was entertaining and has great representation but didn’t win me completely over.


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