“Wickedly hilarious!” ~Under the Covers

Warning: Don’t read this book (or any book by Shelly Laurenston, for that matter) while consuming any liquids.  The laugh out loud moments you are expected to read will have you choking and spitting said liquids all over yourself.

I was very excited to read this book because I love the wolves…Remember Ronnie Lee, mate of Brendan Shaw, from book 1 in the series?  Well this is finally one of the books of her brothers.  Ricky Lee ended up being very different than I was expecting.  He was very laid back and casual, in total avoidance of his family.  But who could blame him?  He’s in New York now hanging around the sports complex where now his brother plays.  He also works on contract work with crazy cousin Dee Ann.

Then we meet the heroine, Toni, and as much as I wanted to love her I can’t say she made much of an impression.  She’s very smart and handles her whole family of prodigies, but outside of that I couldn’t really pinpoint her personality.  She’s devoted her life to her family.  She’s never pursued a career because she’s always been the caretaker of her siblings, and this is not due to her parents not being around, just that her parents are just as genius/scattered brained as her siblings.  She’s basically the glue that holds them all together and the motor that keeps them all moving in the right direction.  And I found that, at least for a huge part of this book, she couldn’t break out of that and find herself.

The romance between her and Ricky Lee is slow and he approaches her with as much caution as any prey, without wanting to startle her.  A lot less animal magnetism than I’m used to from the wolves in this series!  I wanted some RAWRRRRRR!

However, this book was extremely funny.  Funnier than even some of the previous books in the series.  If you are looking for comedic relief, you have to read this book!  Wickedly hilarious!

You would think by all my complaints that I didn’t enjoy this, but I did.  I always enjoy being in this world and seeing these characters.  And we do get to see some of our old and favorites.  In general, though, I think the funny overpowered the book.  It made the actual plot seem a bit scattered as I sometimes forgot what the main story was about and it overpowered the romance to some extent.

Now I do have two shifters that I’m looking forward to…a lot…. a sexy syberian hybrid and Ricky Lee’s brother.

Ohhhhh and …. Novikov rocks, handwritten schedules and everything!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m hoping we get to see some more pride books soon…I love the wolves but I like the cats too….lol