ARC Review: Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

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ARC Review: Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh
Wild Invitation
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Released: Mar 5, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Pages: 339


“WILD INVITATION is a must read for followers of the series, full of Ms. Singh’s signature sexual tension.” ~Under the Covers

I am one of those rare people that, although I’ve read everything that Nalini Singh has written, I didn’t jump on all the short stories that were available.  So getting this book for me was a treat because they were ALL new stories.  However, if you’ve followed Nalini’s writing to a tee, then you’ll only really get two new stories.  That being said, this was a fast read for me, devouring this complete book in a day.  It was wonderful to be part of the Psy-Changeling book again and it captivated me as usual.  WILD INVITATION is a must read for followers of the series, full of Ms. Singh’s signature sexual tension.

Beat of Temptation – 5 stars

This is one of those stories that you just have to love.  We all know Tammy and Nate, they’ve been mated since we’ve known them in book one of the series.  Tammy is the healer in current day Psy-Changeling time.  But it was very sweet to go back and see how they ended up together.  Nate is older than Tammy by 10 years and this story takes place when Tammy is 19.  They’ve known they were mates for a while but Nate has stayed away thinking that she’s too young and deserves to have freedom to live her life before being tied down by the mating bond.  This is rooted into him because of his own parents issues.  This story is charged with sexual tension in typical Nalini Singh style.

Stroke of Enticement – 5 stars

Zach Quinn is quite simply the perfect man.  Well, that is because he’s a leopard too.  See I have a thing for leopards, and this one is sexy as hell, with a great sense of humor, a total flirt that can melt your panties away.  Deliciously possessive and an understanding alpha male, if there is one.  But enough about Zach.  His mate is Annie, she’s a human teacher and he meets her when he goes to pick up his nephew from school.  He recognizes his mate immediately, but she’s human and he has to charm her and win her over, woe her.  And wooing he did.  They were a great couple and another sexy feline shifter to read about.

Declaration of Courtship – 4 stars

The sweet story, because there has to be one.  Grace and Cooper are both wolves in the SnowDancer pack, but Grace is submissive and Cooper is extremely alpha.  That makes for a skittish courtship that Grace doesn’t understand and that scares her.   Cooper has to take baby steps and slowly win Grace over, so that she understands that they can work together even though there’s such a gap in dominance.  Full of chemistry and sexual tension, DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP was a great addition to the series!

“You don’t mind teeth, do you, Grace?”

Texture of Intimacy – 4 stars

Lara and Walker are some of my favorite characters.  Lara is the healer of the SnowDancer pack and Walker is psy.  Their mate bond happened in KISS OF SNOW but Ms. Singh takes us one step further from that in TEXTURE OF INTIMACY.  After a mating, it doesn’t all have to be roses and Lara and Walker are still struggling on how to be happily mated.  Walker has a lot of his own issues from his psy conditioning and how he’s dealing with showing emotions.  But he’s one dark and brooding, sexy and understated alpha male.  I loved getting to know him better in this story.

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