“WHERE SEA MEETS SKY is full of angst but also growth.” ~ Under the Covers

I always love the way Karina Halle tells a story.  There’s something a little bit haunting that connects me to the characters immediately.  That same thing happened in WHERE SEA MEETS SKY.  I was immediately taken with both the hero and heroine, who met in the most unconventional of ways and after one night of passion go their separate ways, in separate countries.  Talk about a no strings one night stand.

We first met Joshua in Ms. Halle’s LOVE, IN ENGLISH.  He’s the little brother.  And having his sister fall in love with a man who lived in another country and making that work for them, it was cute to see him follow in the same footsteps.  But their stories are nothing alike.  Joshua is, in one word, innocent.  He hasn’t found himself yet and a lot of this book is about that exploration for him.  Finding out what he really wants out of life.  Where his place in it is.  This part of the book, I loved.  Seeing his character grow and coming out a different man in the end.

Then there’s Gemma.  Well, she’s a bit of a mess, isn’t she?  She went on a trip through North America by herself, where she met Josh, by herself.  But coming back to New Zealand her life hadn’t changed much.  She was still dating a guy that wasn’t right for her.  Not having the job she really wanted.  At times I loved her characters, and others I just didn’t connect.

The story is so unique and I was completely sold on it.  Josh and Gemma have a one night stand in Canada, and the next morning she returns home to New Zealand.  He’s so torn about his place in life and about the girl that he decides to put his life on hold and go to New Zealand for a visit.  Hoping that he can find Gemma as well.  And he does find her, but along with Gemma there’s a whole situation he wasn’t counting on.  And so their trip through New Zealand begins.

Much like my love affair with Gemma’s character, I have the same love/hate relationship with the book itself.  I loved the premise of the story and quite a bit of what happens kept me riveted to the pages.  At first, the descriptions of New Zealand depict a beautiful place I couldn’t help but want to travel to.  As the book progresses, we get A LOT of detail about the locations they visit.  For me, all this detail took away from my enjoyment in the story.  By the end, I think I know so much about the geography and sites of New Zealand I feel like I have no need to visit.

WHERE SEA MEETS SKY is full of angst but also growth.  The story of two people who have a lot to learn from life, and from love.  And there’s no better way for all of that to come out that having them drive through a country together for a month.  I know this will be a favorite amongst many, even if it didn’t hit it off the park for me.


Favorite Quote:

“Love is a fucking head trip.  It’s a bad idea.  It’s utterly distracting and, ironically, I think love is bad for your heart.”

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