ARC Review: What a Wicked Earl Wants by Vicky Dreiling

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ARC Review: What a Wicked Earl Wants by Vicky Dreiling
What a Wicked Earl Wants
Book Info

Released: May 28, 2013
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 408

“…full of emotion and heart, with a dash of sexy and fun.” ~Under the Covers

WHAT A WICKED EARL WANTS is the story of Andrew, the Earl of Bellingham.  We’ve come to care for him from Dreiling’s first books and have seen him change quite a bit throughout them.

Ms. Dreiling’s stories are always full of emotion and heart, with a dash of sexy and fun.  WHAT A WICKED EARL WANTS is just what I was hoping for.  Even though, knowing Bellingham, I was hoping for him to be a bit more seductive.  He took one look at the widow that snared his attention and decided he would respect her….as much as he could.

I loved the fact that he was her friend and took care of her.  Yes, he was trying to eventually get in her pants, but he showed that he cared for more than that early one.  He cared not only for her, but her stepson as well.

Laura on the other hand is a strong woman.  Growing up the daughter of a vicar with a lot of sibling, she didn’t necessarily have it easy.  She married a man much older than her for love, in spite of people telling her she was marrying for money.  She cared for her husband until he passed of an illness.  Now a widow, she’s devoted herself to taking care of her late husband’s teenage son, who is more than wild.

It was pretty much Laura and Bellingham against the world in this book.  They teamed up to help her son, to protect Laura from gentleman’s advances in London and fortune hunters and to save her from her brother in law who wants to take her stepson away.

I only wish there would’ve been a bit more drawn out resolution to Bellingham’s problems.  He really didn’t get to deal with his family’s death as deep and emotional as I thought it would get.  Being that this was a major issue for him, I would’ve liked to see this developed more.

With amazing characters and a storyline that kept me turning the pages, WHAT A WICKED EARL WANTS is another winner from Ms. Dreiling.  It is also the introduction to more of Bell’s friends, who will continue the Sinful Scoundrels series.  And believe me, when you’re done with this one you’ll want more of the sexy rakes.

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  1. Vicky has quickly become one of my Top Ten favorite authors. I haven’t read all her books yet, but those that I have read are keepers!

  2. Thanks for the great review Francesca…definitely has me excited and wanting to read this book!

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