“The Bad Boys & Wallflowers series has been great, it was funny and romantic ” ~ Under the Covers

Unlike her friends Miss Prudence Payton hasn’t wanted to find a husband…not until now; now that her friends have found husbands, she doesn’t want to be the sole graduate of her finishing school not to have been married. However, her carefully selected husband proves to be a coward when he shoves her out of a carriage to save himself from highwayman. Abandoned in the middle of nowhere, Prudence find something she had lost all hope of ever finding…a knight is shining armour. But her knight may have his own secrets, secrets that may destroy her new found faith in love.

This is the final full length novella in the Bad Boys & Wallflower series by Maya Rodale and it starts with a much darker tone than the previous books as we discover the reason that Prudence has never married. However, although there was a dark subject within the book and it had a heart breaking start, the tone of the book was fairly light.

The Bad Boys & Wallflowers series has been great, it was funny and romantic with heroines that I have liked and some sexy heroes. John Roark, although he hasn’t stood out as much as the other heroes in the series…he was just so damn nice, definitely not the bad boy I was expecting. Prudence, however, I really liked she was brave and funny and I couldn’t help but admire her.

This was a good series and I like the idea of the accompanying novellas telling the story from a modern day perspective. I would recommend this if you want something light hearted but with great writing and polish.

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  1. Can you read just the historicals or do you have to read the contemporaries as well to fully understand the story?