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Lady Olivia Archer is well known through the ton as Prissy Missy. A nickname she despises, but she still does all the right things, just as her school and her mother taught her; however, being a good girl and following the rules has only landed her another season unmarried. So, when Olivia’s parents pick her husband for her and pick a gentleman with his own nickname, The Mad Baron, a man reputed to have killed his previous wife, she decides to needs to start breaking all the rules…

I have mixed feelings about this book, on one hand I did enjoy it; it made me smile, it was nicely written and I liked the characters. On the other hand, although I liked Olivia most the time, I found her behaviour towards Phinn “The Mad Baron” exasperating. Not exasperating enough to stop reading but enough to cause excessive eye rolling, which let me tell you can lead to the mother of all headaches!

Back to the good stuff though, I liked Olivia and watching her rebel, mostly it seemed through drinking copious amounts of alcohol lead to some funny moments in the book. Watching he struggle to be something other than the dutiful daughter and Prissy Missy was entertaining and at times heart warming as she tries to discover what she likes, rather than what she thinks she should like. I also like Phinn, our Mad Baron, he was cute and completely clueless, it was nice to read a historical where the hero isn’t some kind of rake.

What stops me from giving this a higher rating is that the romance between Phinn and Olivia became a bit farcical. Olivia’s fear of him based on his reputation and nick name alone got ridiculous, especially when she had her own nickname she hated, I thought that might have made her stop and not take his at face value. Sadly it didn’t. Unfortunately that tarnished the midsection of the book for me.

But, that isn’t going to stop me from reading the next and last book in this series, nor the serial between them, as although the romance didn’t capture me as much in this one, that didn’t stop me liking the characters individually as well as still enjoying the concept of the trilogy.

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  1. I’ve read the initial novella to this series and I enjoyed but I don’t plan on reading anything else until the series is complete.