“A charming story as much about finding yourself as finding love.”

~ Under the Covers

A charming story as much about finding yourself as finding love. Mr. Rogers, but for adults.

Teddy Phillips has just kind of coasted through life, focusing on helping her boyfriend be a doctor. Then she inadvertently helps him dump her. Now she’s not sure what do with her life, other than continue to work in the vintage toy store. She finds comfort in watching Everett’s Place, a local children’s show hosted by Everett St. James, a man with a soothing voice and endless advice for children. He also happens to be pretty attractive. In a quest to start figuring out her life, Teddy gets the courage to write an email to Everett, much like children do, asking for advice. Everett is instantly attracted to the woman in the email, so he ends up writing back. As they get to know one another via email, their lives end up intertwined in the real world too. Can they both figure out what they want and how to get it?

Kerry Winfrey has a feel-good writing style that instantly makes you feel like you’re reading a quirky fairytale story, while still somehow being completely relatable. That being said, for the first part of the book, I really didn’t like Teddy or Everett. They were both completely self-centered, but in different ways. Everett put 100% of himself into his show and Teddy put 100% of herself into taking care of everyone else. As the story progressed, though, I appreciated the frank and open conversations they each had with the important people in their lives. Everett and Teddy both have really strong support systems (even if it sometimes seems like they aren’t actually that good at providing the same support in return) and having them really open up about their feelings was amazing. Also, Gretel may be the absolutely best character of all; I wish we could know her more.

As much as the romance between Teddy and Everett is adorable and great to see flourishing, that’s not actually what this book is really about. If you’re most interested in seeing two characters get to know each other and fall in love, then you might be disappointed. However, if you’re interested in seeing how two characters can find themselves and figure out how love fits into their lives, then this is a really good book! I definitely recommend Very Sincerely Yours for anyone wanting that heartwarming story about finding your life’s passion (or maybe just your current passion) and building relationships along the way.


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  1. Since the characters aren’t really likeable for the first half of the book, I’ll pass. It’s great that they grow and find themselves, though.