Now, before you even read Unleashing the Receptionist you have to make sure that you read the others in this series so you can understand the bond that Dana, Simon and Ethan have. Because it’s hot and amazing and bite your lip yummy! Imagine working with two amazingly good looking men and more than half of your job is to dress extremely sexy and serve them in every way possible. Oh and don’t worry, their pleasure comes from yours so you will have multiple orgasms a day just for their pure enjoyment. Yea, check that sh*t out!

In this installment of the Receptionist series the threesome find themselves in a bit of a problem when the former partner of Ethan and Simon emerges from the woodwork to ruin their company. And with this new problem comes old secrets and soon Dana finds herself fully emerged in finding out her lovers pasts.

Now with their company on the line, Dana does anything in her power to save the company and her lovers, and when I say anything I mean anything. Cue garters and overly tight blouses. Oh yea did I mention Dana is hot as well?

Unleashing shows a different side of our favorite threesome. We see them grow a lot closer and trust a lot more. There is a lot of sweetness and a lot of reassurance from Ethan and Simon towards Dana but most importantly they confide to her the events of how their own bond became so strong and in turn make the three of them become one.

So if you want spanking, tied up ménage trios, rulers (yes rulers) and tenderness all rolled up into one, read this series, read this book and make sure to keep an extra pair of panties nearby because there will be a puddle, just sayin’!

*ARC provided by publisher

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