So I have a confession to make.  I am not up to date with this series (maybe I’m about half way through it) and decided to take on reading this book out of order because I LOVE CHRISTIAN!  So I figured, what could it hurt?   And I was pleasantly surprised that this was it’s own little story in the Argeneau/Notte world so I had no problem jumping right in.

Now that being said and from my feelings on the past books in this series I feel that the cute charm this series had at the beginning is somewhat back!  Yes, I thought this book was cute and funny at times, sweet and sexy.  I mean you really can’t go wrong when you throw Christian in a situation where he has to pretend to be gay to get with his life mate!

Christian first of all is possessive, sexy as hell, alpha, passionate, I could go on.  His longuish hair and male-model good looks had me swooning, as well as our heroine Carolyn.  Carolyn is actually a bit older so she struggles with being attracted to Christian and feeling like a cougar, and on top of that there’s the fact that she believes he is gay and is “playing his girlfriend” to help him out.

And then there’s the Notte’s!  The side characters are a hoot.  Marguerite I’ve always loved and she didn’t disappoint this time trying her best to make things work for her son.  She is an expert matchmaker after all.  But the one that stole the show was Zanipolo.  LOL When Carolyn thinks he’s the gay one he goes through a whole identity crisis to prove to her that she’s not.

I do feel like we could’ve used at least an epilogue.  The explanation of what they are and all that comes late in the book and I feel that part was rushed and couldn’t really find her quick acceptance believable.  But then again, she had already been experiencing Christian’s skills, blacking out after sex, the sex dreams, and of course Christian’s ummmm cucumber was it?

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I also have the ARC of this, and I have to say you are spot on with this review! I loved this one, and have been waiting for Christian’s story for a while. The other oiece of sort of comic relief-the captain of the tour boat-was also a real…interesting character, too.