ARC Review: Unconditional by Lauren Dane

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ARC Review: Unconditional by Lauren Dane
Book Info

Released: August 6, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Cascadia Wolves #7
Pages: 257

“…not only do we have a great pairing, we also have a second chance at love story.  And Ms. Dane is so good at those!” ~Under the Covers

Lauren Dane is back visiting the Cascadia Wolves!  Although we’ve never really left them 100%.  We had some De La Vega Cats stories and of course, the Bound by Magick series expands on this same world.  But we are finally back on familiar ground, while still taking into consideration the events in the books of those spin off series.

UNCONDITIONAL mixes the wolves and the witches.  That was the first thing I was extremely excited about while reading this book.  I love when the couple has a witch and a shifter, they’re my favorite kind in this series.  But not only do we have a great pairing, we also have a second chance at love story.  And Ms. Dane is so good at those!

Michelle and Josh were high school sweethearts.  Human high school sweethearts.  Until Josh just up and disappeared leaving Michelle high and dry to go on with her life without an explanation for his sudden change of plans.  What neither of them knew was that this supernatural world they were just entering into, on their own, would bring them back together.

Josh was bitten and turned into a werewolf and Michelle was always a witch, just one that didn’t know what she was nor did she know her potential.  She is now a cop and Josh is an enforcer.  It was enjoyable to see Michelle slowly learning about her magic and what she could actually do, even push herself to do things she didn’t think she could get to.  And then there’s Josh.  He was all alpha male and completely delicious.  Just the way I like ’em.  And while he was dealing with his protectiveness and wanting to keep Michelle out of danger, he was also good at giving her the trust and space she needed to still be herself and do what she wants.

I loved seeing the rekindling of their relationship.  How their feelings quickly fell back into place.  They had an ease being around each other, a certain level of comfort.  They knew what the other wanted.  It felt like slipping under a comfy blanket.  They were just perfect for each other.  They’ve both changed so much but they are still perfectly compatible.  And throw in the fact that Michelle is his mate…Josh made out 100% on this one.  He gets a second chance with the one and only woman he loved and he gets to keep her forever this time.

The plot continues to thicken when witches are being hunted and killed.  The witch higher ups as well as the National Pack are getting involved in this one as well and the final struggle is left open ended.  I was expecting a bit more of a resolution on that but there is too much to wrap it all up with a neat bow in one book.  I am anxious to see where these characters will go next.

For new readers, I wouldn’t recommend you start here.  It may be a decent read as a standalone but I do think you would understand more of what’s going on if you read in order.  And by reading in order I mean including the spin off series.

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