“Once again, Peterson does an amazing job in this fabulously told novella, ramps up the hotness factor, and leaves the reader ecstatic with the growth between Tuck and Owen.” ~Under the Covers

I absolutely loved this book!  “Battle Buddy” was the story of Tuck and Owen meeting and getting together, told from Tuck’s point-of-view (POV).  After reading Tuck’s “diary” of events in “Battle Buddy,” Owen decided he wanted his story to be heard as well; hence, us very lucky readers now have “Tuck & Cover.”

For me, I love reading books written in first person POV.  I feel like I become more connected to the main character telling the story, and I feel for him/her so much more than I normally do when written in third person POV.  Not always, but a lot.  The downfall to first person POV, however, is that while we get to hear what other characters might say, or see what they do, we miss out on their thoughts, their insight, and the inner workings of their actions.  Well, Peterson has so graciously provided her readers with both.  We were able to closely connect with Tuck in “Battle Buddy,” but now in “Tuck & Cover,” we get to hear Owen’s thoughts about falling for Tuck, and all that he was thinking throughout his time in Basic and Rangers’ training, and the processing of his attraction for Tuck.

What I found interesting is that while Owen loved to do things to drive Tuck mad, he was going through some of the same internal grief that we previously saw Tuck having.  Owen has known for a long time that he was gay; however, from the time of early childhood, it was engrained in him that he would grow up to be an Army Ranger, and that is what he sets out to do.  But his attraction to Tuck has other plans.  So as much as he tries to focus on his training, to fulfill his Ranger dreams, Tuck keeps coming to the forefront of his thoughts, and finally, he gives into that attraction.

The beauty of “Tuck & Cover” is that while we get Owen’s POV for a lot we saw in “Battle Buddy,” Owen takes it a little bit further, so we get new aspects to their story as well, and holy hot tamale, are those some fabulous parts!!  We see Owen in a role that he doesn’t often portray, but he sums it up so beautifully:  “And hey, I found out that day I had a new kink.  Power Bottom!”  Oh yeah!!!!

In addition to the very, very hot sexy time, we get to see more wonderful development between these amazing fellows.  Their chemistry is off the charts, and their antagonistic, but equally playful, interactions are great fun to watch unfold.  They are also so very sweet with each other, especially with their non-Christmas presents to each other.

“Tuck & Cover” doesn’t finish the tale for these Rangers, but it ends with a teaser of where their story takes them next.  Once again, Peterson does an amazing job in this fabulously told novella, ramps up the hotness factor, and leaves the reader ecstatic with the growth between Tuck and Owen.  I am waiting on pins and needles to see what happens next!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Great review Leigh, I have this author on my TBR list, but after reading your review will have to move it to the top of the list.

  2. You’re welcome, everyone!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. It really is a fantastic book (and series!). I so can’t wait for the next chapter in their lives! 🙂