“I was invested and hooked in the story and the characters from the very beginning” ~Under the Covers

I’ve always enjoyed Erin McCarthy’s writing style, however I was a bit scared to test the waters of this new adult novel.  The genre is hit or miss for me, especially since it’s plagued with TSTL heroines.

Rory is smart though.  Not only is she book smart, but I think her focus on studying and not being a crazy party girl works in her favor in my eyes.  She is more mature than her friends even though she still has the urges they have to experience life.

Then bring in Tyler.  He’s the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks.  What is it about that trope that works for me, I can’t tell you.  There’s a vulnerability to his character that he only allows Rory to see, but he’s tough and possessive without being a jerk.  He’s sweet and thoughtful.  Yeah, you could say not so realistic but I loved his character and was rooting for him the whole way.  Always wanting to do what was right.

The dynamic between Rory and Tyler worked very well.  They are so different but they understand each other more than anyone else does.  I loved that the author wasn’t scared to go to some darker places without going too deep.  I would still consider this a fast and light read that just deals with some tougher subjects.

And the TRUE tattoo and the TRUER necklace, that was so clever!  I can’t wait to see where the other brothers’ stories go from here.

I think Ms. McCarthy did a wonderful job with this story.  I was invested and hooked in the story and the characters from the very beginning.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Great review! I’m reading now, cannot wait to see what happens…and yes, only 11% in and hooked. 😉

  2. Sounds promising,yeah,I will put this book on my TBR 🙂

    Thanks for the recommendation and amazing review Francesca 🙂