ARC Review + Tour: The Nature of Cruelty by L.H. Cosway

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ARC Review + Tour: The Nature of Cruelty by L.H. Cosway
The Nature of Cruelty
Book Info

Released: June 28, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Pages: 366

“Unique and compelling.” ~Under the Covers

I was blown away earlier this year by L.H. Cosway’s storytelling, when I read PAINTED FACES.  Now, imagine my excitement that there was a new book by her coming out!  I didn’t really have any expectations on what I would get with this book.  I went in blind with faith in the author to tell an unexpected story.  And that’s exactly what she did.

The one thing I now know is that L.H. Cosway is more than a writer, she has an amazing ability for telling stories that draw you in completely and never once make you feel as if you’ve read this before.  Unique and compelling.

THE NATURE OF CRUELTY is the story of three friends.  Lana who lives in Scotland, and a set of twins who spent their summers as her neighbors and the rest of the year with their rich dad in London.  Of course the girl becomes Lana’s best friend and the boy her nemesis.  Robert has made it a point his whole life to be mean and hurtful to Lana, causing a lot of insecurities in her.  But this was a clear case of when your parents tell you a boy bothers you because he likes you.

Robert has been in love with Lana from the very first time he saw her, he acted the only way he thought he knew how.  But now that she’s spending a summer visiting in London he plans to act on his desires and get the only girl of his dreams.

I loved Lana’s character most of the time.  She’s smart and a bit nerdy, but has just enough feisty in her to keep me interested to what was going on with her.  She also has a lot of her own issues to deal with her health.  I think sometimes she was a bit oblivious as a friend and was too focused on herself.  But she has a sweet heart.

Robert on the other hand is just INTENSE.  He is one of those people that lives life to the extreme every second.  I liked him for the most part, and that might be my attraction to asses.  But I was actually waiting for the other shoe to drop with him.  I thought there would be more to his story and it never came.

The chemistry between Robert and Lana was excellent.  Somewhat subdued at first and then molting hot.  Their relationship was a bit co-dependent but it worked.

What I wasn’t too happy about was Lana towards the end.  I just didn’t really understand her hot and cold … and then hot switches.  Although I get her point and why she did certain things, I don’t think what and how was the more mature approach for someone who displayed a level of maturity during the whole book beforehand.

This is definitely another winner by L.H. Cosway, who is now on my auto buy when I want a book to surprise me and give me a story like nothing I’ve read before.

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Cruelty is a cycle. Once inflicted, it spreads.

Her name is Lana. She wasn’t dealt the easiest cards in life. She wasn’t dealt the hardest. She has an illness, but she doesn’t let it rule her. The first time she laid eyes on her best friend’s twin brother, she fell in love at first sight. It didn’t last very long. He was a hateful boy who made her miserable. The happiest day of her life was when he moved away to London six years ago.

His name is Robert. He breaks the ones who love him. He’s always liked to play games with Lana, see how far he could push her. He once thrived on her pain, but no more. Now she’s coming to London to live with his sister for the summer and this time he plans on being her friend instead of her tormentor. But Lana is scarred by his past bullying. She doesn’t trust him, nor does she have any reason to.

When the two find themselves living under the same roof, they call a truce. This summer will change both of their lives, as they put their history aside and learn one another from scratch.
When fear takes over, we use cruelty as a mask. Robert and Lana’s story will see their masks slip away as the love they felt on the inside shows its true face.


Here’s my playlist for The Nature of Cruelty, taken directly from my iPod. In brackets after the songs I’ve written down which characters I thought of while listening to each one.

St. Vincent – Cruel (Robert & Lana)

Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God (Lana)

Dresden Dolls – Shores of California (Robert & Lana)

Adam and the Ants – Prince Charming (Robert)

The Killers – Mr Brightside (Robert & Kara)

Muse – Madness (Robert & Lana)

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (Robert)

Marina and the Diamonds – Hermit the Frog (Lana)

The Bravery – An Honest Mistake (Robert)

Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars (Sasha)

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Lana)

Marina & the Diamonds – Obsessions (Robert & Lana)

Spandau Ballet – Gold (Alan)

Kasabian – Fire (Robert)

Joan Jett – Crimson & Clover (Sasha)

Fallout Boy – Grand Theft Autumn (Robert & Lana)

Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter (Robert & Lana)

Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Robert & Lana)


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L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.


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About L.H. Cosway

L.H. Cosway has a BA in English Literature and Greek and Roman Civilisation, and an MA in Postcolonial Literature. She lives in Dublin city. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books.

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