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“…another winner from Joanna Wylde in my book.” ~ Under the Covers

Taking a page from her massively successful series (Reapers MC) comes the Silver Valley series.  I was anxious to read this because in the chaos and sometimes trashiness of the MC books out there, Joanna Wylde always knows how to keep things classy and keep me interested.  And I was dying to expand on the bad boys we’ve come to love in that series by meeting another MC. Meet the Silver Bastards.  Fans of Joanna Wylde will love this, and for new fans this is a great intro to her writing.  So be sure if that’s you, go get the rest of her books!

Now on to the bad boy.  My heart melts.  Puck is the bad boy who is really a good guy at heart.  That guy that CAN fall in love and want just one woman, even when he doesn’t quite understand it.  Puck meets Becca at a party after his release from doing fourteen months in jail for the Silver Bastards.  He comes out, wants a woman and a drink.  And he has his sights set on her.  No other could do.  But the sad truth of it all (he finds out after having sex with her) is that she’s only 16 and was being forced by her stepfather to have sex with any member of the MC that wanted her.  Puck takes it upon himself to save her from that life and take her with away with him to give her a better future.

Five years later.  Yes, Becca is almost barely legal.  She wants nothing to do with MC and bikers in general.  Wants nothing to bring her back to the life she left behind.  And she doesn’t want to turn into her mother.  But Puck is back and the attraction, once he has his sights set on the girl he’s waited five years for, is hard to deny.  Chemistry is instant.  Sexual sparks fly.  But my favorite thing about their relationship is the fact that he’s always loved her.  He wants to take care of her.  It’s actually rather a sweet story in the middle of their crazy lifestyle.  Hence the “good” bad guy I mentioned before.

Don’t worry, you still get some craziness involving the MC and we even get to see our favorite Reapers!  Even Horse! *pants profusely*  I can’t wait to see more of this new series, another winner from Joanna Wylde in my book.  SILVER BASTARD is full of heart in the midst of a hard environment.  And I’m a sucker for more.

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  1. I got to read this one too, Francesca, and loved getting Puck’s story as well as being excited for the new direction with this spin-off series. The plot and characters always draw me in. 😉