“…there’s plenty of sexy packed in this small package.” ~Under the Covers

TORN started off excellent.  I loved it from the very beginning and thought it was better than the first one.  Let me just say that this is one of my guilty pleasure tropes.  I love the enemies to lovers storyline, there’s something sexy about two people that for all intents and purposes should hate each other, an in a way they do, but that can’t help but end up in love.

Gage is buying out property in Marina’s town and she knows she’s been trying to go after the strip of stores where her bakery is.  That belongs to her father, who is in some financial stress and Gage is just the right vulture to come and take advantage of that.  But Marina has a special love for her bakery, which she runs with her Aunt Gina.

Their chemistry is instant on first meeting each other.  But the bad mix of oil and water is almost as instant.  Gage has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and Marina can’t let go of the fact that he may be waiting for the right moment to take advantage of her family and take their property away from them.

I admit I think it sort of fizzled out a bit after the halfway mark.  It lost some of the spark because as much as I love the trope, I don’t want them constantly bickering throughout the whole book.  There was a lot of push and pull with that and I found myself getting a bit tired of it and about to give up on their romance.  But it did recuperate towards the end.

But don’t let that fool you, there’s plenty of sexy packed in this small package.  Some of it angry, some of it rough, but all of it sizzling.

We revisit old characters and see glimpses of the new.  These books definitely grab your attention and they’re fun and fast stories.  Monica Murphy does an amazing job at conveying such a well rounded story in the short amount of pages.  Definitely excited to read the next one!

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