Ms. Dahl delivered another romantic and sexy cowboy novel.” ~Under The Covers

Too Hot To Handle is the second installment for Victoria Dahl’s Jackson Series. Just like Too Close to Touch, Ms. Dahl delivered another romantic and sexy cowboy novel.

Merry Kade finds her self staying at her best friend Grace’s practically abandoned apartment since she’s been staying with her man, Cole. Taking a chance to be close to her friend, she takes a job to be a town curator and becomes passionate for it. Unfortunately, one thing that’s holding her back to success is Shane. Of course, she doesn’t know that Shane has a hold on her project legally and financially. Shane also happens to be Cole’s good friend and living in the same building as Merry’s apartment.

I love Merry and Shane’s story, similar to Grace and Cole, it has the boy/girl next door feel to it. Well, they all do live just next door to each other , but that’s besides the point. They both have that persona anyone can just get along with. Merry is a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl , and with her, there are no pretenses. Any girl that can regrow virginity after years of celibacy and knows that being a cowboy is a job and knows it has nothing to do with the boots or hat is my kind of girl. And Shane, well, he’s a bit more complicated. Though he has a bit of emotional past, he is still a very simple man. He is reserved but funny and sexy when he wants to be.

This book had steamy scenes that had me fanning myself, laugh out loud , and it had scenes that definitely made me teary eyed. Overall this book is a light happy read that I recommended to anyone who is in the mood for a feel good story.

*ARC provided by NetGalley

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  1. Thanks for the review Angela. I’ve only read her historical’s and loved them. I’ll have to try her contemporary.

  2. I am a fan of Victoria Dahl! I started with her Tumble Creek series (contemporary) in audio version. Really hot, and entertaining. I have a hard time deciding which guy I like more, Ben or Chase! So worth the read. 🙂