“It was a fun, quick and overall an enjoyable read.” ~ Under the Covers

Til Dragons Do Us Part is the third installment of Never Deal with Dragons series; formerly known as DRACIM. I’m not too sure of the reasons for the name change but there it is.  When I first discovered this series, I was very excited.  Never Deal with Dragons was a great read for me and I couldn’t wait for the next book.  Unfortunately, the following books didn’t hold as much excitement for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed them, just not as much as I expected.

Cameron Shaw is head of security for Lord Relobu and Cameron has a lot of responsibility.  The security is at high alert due to the wedding that will signify the union of dragons and humans.  Unfortunately, the hot assistant wedding planner is going to give Cameron a run for this money.  Savannah is a professional thief and she has big plans for Lord Relobu’s expensive art collection.  What she didn’t expect is her attraction to the head security who obviously has his eyes on her.

Like I said, I enjoyed this short story well enough. It was a fun, quick and overall an enjoyable read.   The problem is that I was expecting more.  Cameron and Savannah were cute and their story held my attention.  But this book didn’t feel like it’s the third installment, it felt more like a filler for the series.  Their characters didn’t seem big enough to the world that was created by this author.  I’m not sure what Ms. Christensen’s plans are for this series but I’m hoping she comes out with something big to match the world she has created here.

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Book 1
Dancing with Dragons
Book 2
til dragon do us part
Book 3

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  1. I haven’t read this book yet, and I’ve only read one other review for it. I can’t remember who did the review, but they liked it even less than you did. Like you, I LOVED book one, still enjoyed book two, but not as much. I still need to try this one. I’m hoping that the author can bring back the spark of book one soon. Great review.

  2. Melanie, yeah, book 1 was pretty awesome! And I expexted a big things but the last 2 bookd did not have enough “umph”. You know?! I think it’s more my expectations. It was okay.

  3. I haven’t listened/read to any dragons stories lately, I didn’t know about this series, but it doesn’t sound like it could be the one that gets me out of my paranormal slump… But you never know, maybe it comes out on audio 🙂
    Thanks Angela.

    1. Thanks for passing by Loupe! I still have high hopes the past two books have been short so maybe a full length might make a difference.
      you’ll get your dragon fix soon enough. Coreene Callahan’s Dragon will be out soon!!! =)