“Nothing better than a sexy cajun, and Rock is all that with a heart of gold.” ~Under the Covers

THRILL RIDE was my favorite book in this series, so far.  I think that the author seems more comfortable in her own writing with this one and the whole book flowed very well.  Nothing felt pressured or rushed or out of place.

The chemistry between Rock and Vanessa was sizzling, and that was even from book three when they were on assignment together.   In this book, Rock starts out going rogue.  But is he really responsible for what they’re blaming him for?  Vanessa can’t wrap her mind around that and along with the Black Knights, they go in search of their teammate and will try to clear his name and take the target off his back.

Of course, Vanessa is the one that finds him before the rest of the team and they are put in some dangers together.  That chemistry I talked about before comes rushing back full force when they are secluded and all alone in the jungle…and Vanessa develops a serious case of the scares.

What can I say about Rock….he’s hot, sexy, big, alpha and…CAJUN.  *thud*  Deadly combination on my senses.  I think that may be why I loved him from the very beginning.  Vanessa is a hot latina and tough chick (she is part of the Black Knights after all) but she showed a more feminine side in this book.  I liked seeing the contrast and of course, I loved seeing Rock swoop in.  Nothing better than a sexy cajun, and Rock is all that with a heart of gold.

The story was interesting even though a bit predictable.  We still had the funny themes we’ve seen throughout this series (I mean…vibrators taped to windows to jam listening devices? LOL).

We also get bits of Billy and Eve in this book and they just make me so anxious to read their book, even though Eve is not a favorite of mine.  It seems Billy has so much bottled up inside and maybe bringing all that out will bring a different side of Eve out as well.  At least I’m hoping.

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